Thursday, March 19, 2015

Review: boCHINche @ Martin Road

A rare brunch date on a weekend with the mister. Thanks to boCHINche for having us! ^^

Anyway, boCHINche is a Argentine-inspired restaurant located just above the famous Common Man Coffee Roasters! You can either take the lift or climb a few flight of stairs to get here. :) 

Was pleasantly welcomed by a gorgeous space the moment I stepped in!

Notice on the right you would find yourself a grocer market, which features over 100 Argentinian and European products! I guess if you cook at home, this space would be like a heaven for you! At least it was for me. :D 

Walking down you would notice an open kitchen to the right (above) and a bar to the left. If you don't mind getting a little smoky, it would be nice to sit over here to have a free "tutorial" from the chefs! ^^ 

Further down into the huge restaurant features some eye-catching seats! I would love to have some of these cheeky cushions! :P 

Moving on (I didn't lie when I say the space is really big!), Bochinche features a cosy balcony which is a perfect spot to enjoy an alfresco dining! Not to worry about it getting hot over here. I sat here through the afternoon heat and did not even sweat a bit. :) 

I rarely post such details about a restaurant's design, but Bochinche is seriously GORGEOUS! <3 

Weekends are for brunch and so I'm here for their brunch of course. 

Available from 11am - 3pm, on weekends only btw. 

Tough decision making going on here because I would really love to try the entire menu! 

But first, let's get some drinks! :D

His latte.
Her Chimichurri Bloody Mary.

The latte is seriously the best cup we have ever drank! No surprise as the beans were from Common Man Coffee Roasters! 

Chimichurri Bloody Mary ($22) - a spiced infused vodka, boCHINche mix & tomato juice. 

The small bottle at the side is chimichurri! Honestly, I was surprised when I saw the drink being served to me. 
 I was like what's this man?! Hahahahaha! 

Coffee was great but I can't say the same for the savoury cocktail. 

It's an acquired taste I concluded. 

Brunch! :D 

Chimichurri burger v2.0, $29. 

Because I saw too many photos of this yummy burger and Tessa recommended it to us too. 

Is this convincing for you that this is one kick-ass burger? :D 


YESSSSSSSSSSSS! It's definitely not easier to grill the beef patty to a perfect medium done-ness such that the meat is so moist and juicyBut I think could be better if the egg yolk was more runny. 

Organic poached eggs on toast, braised ossobuco & chives hollandaise, $25. 

It was a huge dilemma for me to choose between this or their scrambled eggs.
 But since this is more popular, I ordered this in the end. 


I was quite sceptical about the price tag initially but after trying their organic eggs. 


Enough said. 

Chips Peovenzal ($10)
Flat mushroom and gremolata ($9)

The first is basically thick-cut fries la, and fries never fail! 
The latter is 3 gigantic mushrooms being grilled!  So big that it was almost the size of the serving plate! 

Bife de chorizo sirloin steak, 300g, $49. 

Because Argentina is about meat and more meat, so we got to try one too! Requested for medium rare and we were happy with the done-ness.

The beef-lover mister had a great time with these red meat! 

Mojito while we waited for our dessert to be served.


Favourite drink! :D 

Alcohol taste is not very strong, but refreshing nonetheless!

Brioche French toast, house cooked ham & bacon vanilla ice cream, $19. 

Personally not a fan of bacon. But this version but BonCHINche is pretty good! A perfect good marriage of sweet and savoury demonstrated here. 

But the best part of this dish was the French toasts for us! Very soft and the bread was coated with so much eggs!! 

Voted best of the 4 dishes we had! You need to try it to believe how good this dish is! 

Really enjoyed the meal as I've said. Thus this is the post that I can't wait to write and share with everyone! :D

Some of the loot from the grocer. Thank you boChinche for the generosity! ^^

Ending the post with my #ootd.  D 

22 Martin Road, #02-01
Singapore 239058
Opening hours: Tue-Sun, 11am -11pm
 (closed on Monday)
Contact: 6235 4990


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