Sunday, May 10, 2015

Review: BOCA Singapore @ Bukit Pasoh Road

Good news to all food lovers! The one and only authentic Portuguese Restaurant is one opened in Singapore, BOCA Singapore!  BOCA means "mouth" in Portuguese by the way. The restaurant is opened by 3 Portuguese friends themselves! 

Honestly, you ask me what do expect from a Portuguese restaurant? I have no idea. Haha! The only thing I know about is.... Egg tarts. Lol!

But that's good that we came with zero knowledge about Portuguese cuisine! We are all ready to learn more from the tasting. :)

Nested in a charming 3-storey shophouse, each level caters to different dining concept! 

First floor: bar seating for traditional tasca (bar food).
Second floor: full dining experience in comfy booth seats (where we were seated).
Third floor: Drinking area to sample all the Portuguese wine collection.

Notice the pretty interior design? That's because one of the owner is an interior designer! The food are not just authentic from Portuguese. Even all the utensils and decorations are imported from Portugal as well!

Somehow it gives me a "I'm on holiday" kind of vibe! I would say it is a good place to chill with some friends after a day at work! :)

So, we started with some appetizers. 

Flamed chorizo, $36.
Of pork, wine, garlic, salt and paprika. Served alongside with homemade bread. 

I don't understand why there was bread to serve along until I had my first bite. 

Hahaha! We agree that the chorizo is too salty for Singaporean's tastebud!:P

Octopus salad, $24.
My favourite appetizer of all! Or rather, our favourite.:)
 It really didn't taste like the octopus that we know? We were expecting it to be somewhere along the line of Q and chewy. But nope. We were pleasantly surprised with some soft and tender octopus!!

Cod fritters, $15.
Made with the famed bacalhau (dried and salted cod) of Portugal! 

No idea how much will this basket cost. But...
It will worth the money!!! Really awesome!! J insisted that we have to try BOCA's olives and 100% olive oil (imported from Portugal of course). The olive oil tasted really 'pure' while the olive itself was really good! 

Had a basket of this and more of the bread to myself! My favourite of all would be the ones with chilli flakes and walnuts! Miss these breads~ 

Ok. Moving on to the mains.

'braz' codfish, $28. 
Cod mixed with crisp deep fried shredded potatoes, caramelized onions and a beaten egg.

I really love the plating of this! 

Another dish that features bacalhau. Every mouth of it is so flavourful! 
Secretly happy that my dining companions really just 'tasted' the food because I can have all of the portions! :D 

Shrimp porridge, $28.

Unlike our usual porridge, this has no grains inside! Purely using aged homemade bread and shrimp stock! This dish spells comfort literally for me! One that I couldn't mind having on a daily basis! *thumbs up*

Coffee steak served with almond butter rice, $48.

Coffee steak. 
A shot of espresso was used in fact! No wonder that strong smell of coffee when it was being placed on the table! But no worries that it will taste bitter because cream and mustard were added to neutralize the coffee taste! 

I love that thinly sliced purple sweet potatoes and honey sweet potatoes VERY MUCH. 

Pity that the beef came up to be more medium done than medium rare. :/

Fairly disappointed with the beef, but the rice stole the limelight for me! 

So aromatic~ 
I would eat rice everyday if I have this at home pleaseeeeeee!

Of course we had desserts. Gorgeous ones in fact!

Left: cognac chocolate mousse, $13. 
This is like for all the chocolate lovers! Sooooo rich~ 

Right: flaring island, $15.
This was a good counter to the chocolate mousse! Light and refreshing! I much prefer this! ^^

Authentic Portuguese egg tarts, $4.50 each. 

Only 20 pieces per day! How lucky I am?!:D

Even the ones from Macau has to stand aside when come to this!!

I like that the pastry is really flaky! The custard is very creamy and "wetter" than the ones that we usually have.

In short...
WHY ONLY 20 pieces a day?! 

Of course, how could we not enjoy some Portuguese wines when we are here at BOCA Singapore? Favourite is the one on the far right! 

Some Portuguese coffees to end the night. ^^

#ootd in the equally nicely decorated ladies! :) 

I guess my colour coordination kind of match BOCA really well eh? Heh. 

6 Bukit Basoh Road
Singapore 089820
Tel: +65 62210132
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 6pm - 12midnight
                    (Closed on Sun)


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  1. Holy cow... I want to eat all of this! I don't know how you can stay so fit with food this good all around you. When I visited Singapore in 2014 to check out a home tuition agency I'm pretty sure I gained like 5 pounds in a week, haha, the food was just too good.