Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Recipe: Savoury Rice Dumpling / 咸肉粽

3 more days to Dragon Boat Festival! Or rather, 3 more days to feast on rice dumplings! T.T 


Anyway, previously I shared the recipe for Lye Water Rice Dumplings (Kee Chang) / 鹼水粽, which is said to be the easiest rice dumplings to make? Even so, I guess not everyone is a fan of this type of dumpling. We prefer the savoury ones! 咸肉粽 it is! So here's a recipe to share with everyone! Not perfect, but very homely! :) 

Unlike kee chang, 咸肉粽 requires more work! So it will be good to plan ahead before you start your wrapping! I suggest that you take 2 days to do so! :) 

1 kg glutinous rice
200g chinese mushroom
200g dried shrimps
100g chinese sausages
500g pork belly
Salted egg yolk
~100 dumpling leaves and grass strands
minced garlic and onions

Five spice powder 
Light soya sauce 
Dark soya sauce 

Method (source):

The day before wrapping:
1.Prepare dumpling leaves. Soak the leaves and strings in a big bucket of water. Ensure that they are fully submerge in the water. 

2. Wash glutinous rice for few times until water runs clear. Add enough water to cover the rice. Pour in a mixture of the seasoning (light soya sauce + dark soy sauce, ~ 100ml), give it a good stir. Make sure it is mixed evenly. Leave it to soak overnight. 
(reason to do this is to allow the glutinous rice to fully absorb the flavour!)

3. Wash and soak the chinese mushroom in water overnight. 

The day of wrapping:
1.  Gently wash the soaked dumpling leaves, drain and use a cloth to wipe the leaves dry. Set aside.

2. Drain the soaked rice using colander. Once rice is well drained, set aside. 

3. Wash the chinese mushroom, drain and remove the stem before cutting into smaller pieces. 

4. Cut salted egg yolks into desired size (1/3 for me).  

5. Slice the chinese sausages thinly. Take out your skinned garlic and shallots from the fridge. Finely chopped. Keep it in a container and put it back to the fridge.

6. Cut the pork belly into equal, desirable size, 

7. Using a big wok, heat up 2tbsp of oil, stir fry all the ingredients. In the sequence of pork belly,  chinese sausages and mushroom, dried shrimps and glutinous rice . Be generous with the seasoning as the rice dumpling will be cooked in  pot of water, flavours will leak into the water! Dish them into separate bowls. 

*I don't use any additional oil. To stir fried the pork belly, I trim off additional fats from the belly and fried it in the wok under low heat! Slowly the fats will melt into oil and that's pork lard! Same for the Chinese sausages! These are actually packed with lots of oil. So if you fried it under low heat, oil will be released as well!

All the ingredients are ready for wrapping! :D 

From which I find to be really helpful! :)

1. A scoop of glutinous rice. Create a well in there.
2. Add in some dried shrimps in.
3. Continued with mushrooms, chinse sausages and salted egg yolks
4. Add a piece of pork
 5, Cover with about 2 scoops of glutinous rice. Press it down gently before wrapping up. 
After the above 6 steps, using your hand to firmly pack the rice, but gently. Fold in the leaves, and tie with grass strands.

6. Now remember the salted egg yolk? We only need to yolk, but do not discard the egg white! Throw the egg whites into a pot of water! Let it boil before lowering our dumplings into the water to cook for 2.5 hours! :) 

Why egg whites you may ask? 
Because it is salty! 
Remember we do not want too much of the flavours from the dumplings to leak out so I apply the knowledge of diffusion here! Haha! :P 
Just create one of the similar concentration to minimise the leakage! Alternatively, you can just add salt and soya sauce work as well! :)

It is tedious, it is hardwork. But the labourious process is all worth it when your family highly approves. :') 

60 odds rice dumplings gone in 2 days! #myfamilycaneat. 

Rice dumplings are definitely not the healthier food choice. So add on the nutritional value with some vegetables and a hearty chicken & abalone soup to go along! ^^

Till then~ 


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