Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Review: JIN Fine Dining @ Amoy Hotel // Milkissimo @ NEX

Last weekend, Mr Tan and I had our first Japanese Fine Dining @ JIN! Thank you JIN Fine Dining and Chef Thomas Kok for the invitation! :) 

A little background information about Chef Thomas Kok, who is also one of the pioneers for Japanese food in Singapore! He shared with us how Singaporeans in the past used to be so sceptical about Jap food, especially the part about eating raw fish! Haha But look what is happening now! Japanese food is like one of the top favourite in Singapore! :) 

Just from our short conversation with Chef Kok, I would feel the passion that he has for the food that he makes. Really admire chefs like this! 

Anyway, if you're interested to find more about Chef Kok, remind to ieatishootipost's post! 

Chef Thomas Kok. 

If I didn't get it wrong, Chef Kok worked in Hokkaido, Japan, for quite a number of years as well before he came back to Singapore again. So a lot of his ingredients and culinary skills are heavily influenced by the food culture in Hokkaido! :)

It is a small but cosy place for dining! 

Although the entire mall, Far East Square, was dead quiet, the restaurant surprisingly has a constant stream of customers! I guess they must have built up a group of loyal fan base! 

Century egg tofu starter with tatami lwashi (dried silverfish).
Not a big fan of century egg, but this was ok for me. Taste of century egg wasn't overwhelming or jelak. 

7 pieces sashimi platter.
Although this was an invited tasting. I still have to be honest that this is the best sashimi platter I've tried so fresh! They tasted all so fresh! 

The feeling is very hard to describe but it is like "Ahah! So this is how a fresh piece of sashimi should taste like?!"
Instantly Mr Tan and I couldn't wait for our upcoming Japan trip! Because it only means that the sashimi at the land of sushi is going to be godly! *insert heart shape face*

Otoro, tune belly.

My first taste of otoro! Zomg! If you have tried this fatty piece of tuna belly, you will be able to relate to me. That melt-in-the-mouth sensation is even better than salmon belly sashimi! 

I call this the Japanese style of braised pork belly! Haha! 

Just the right amount of fats to meat, and it was so flavourful! I only wish that more sauces could be drizzle on the plate as well? :D 

Grilled yellowtail fish.

The colour of the flesh was so white and tasted so moist! Almost like cod fish I would say. 

Ikura chawanmushi

Is this really the difference between fine dining and normal japanese sushi chain? Because everything tasted so different from what I usually have! #Iamafroginawell 

Saga aburi beef sushi
One of the speciality by Chef Kok! 

Top graded wagyu beef that was being torched lightly before serving. 
Mr Tan loves this! 

Yellowtail soup

The yellowtail doesn't have much meat though. Mostly bones. I guess the fish must have been deboned and different parts have been assigned for different uses? I guess. :D 

Bara chirashi don.
Favourite dish of the night because of the fresh sashimi! 

Also, that piece of tamago was so much love! So I heard that a good tamago is suppose to melt in the mouth? 

Yes, I finally experienced that!! :') 

Honestly, it is definitely not cheap to dine at a Japanese fine dining restaurant. A set menu that we had above will cost about $90. So I suggest you come for lunch instead! I check out the lunch menu and it's pretty affordable! The beef don and bara chirashi don is $18.90+ per set! I thought this is very reasonable? :)
Alternatively, download Grabz App before heading down to Jin! They have some really good benefits and deals exclusive to Grabz users. ^^

JIN Fine Dining
Amoy Hotel
Far East Square
74 Telok Ayer Street #01-02
Singapore 048462
Tel: +65 65366258
Opening Hours: Daily, 7am - 10am, 
                                             1030am - 230pm, 
                                   6pm - 10pm


Since every meal has to end with a sweet ending. :P 

Finally went down to try out the ice cream at Milkissimo after being tempted a million times by their purple sweet potato gelato! Haha! 

What is so special about Milkissimo's gelato? Because they uses Hokkaido milk that is imported from Hokkaido directly! (Ok, I just realised this post became one that talks all about Hokkaido products. LOL!)

Initially Mr Tan and I just wanted to get 2 scoops of gelato to share but somehow.. we decided to have a waffles too. :X 

So here's the Japanese waffles with purple sweet potato and matcha gelato, $15.

Waffles is $11.50 with a scoop of gelato. Pay just $3.50 to get an additional scoop of gelato!   

The Japanese waffles is supposedly matcha flavoured but I couldn't really taste it. The only good thing would be that ball of azuki paste? :D 

Overall waffles is quite mediocre, but the gelato is worth a try! Especially if you love that sweetness of Hokkaido milk! :) 

They have pretty exotic flavours like pumpkin and black sesame gelatos too!!! If only I could load my waffles with 4 scoops of gelato! It was such a tough decision for me to choose just 2 flavours! :P 

NEX #02-13A
Opening Hours: 10:30 am – 10:30 pm (Mon – Sun)


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