Saturday, May 30, 2015

Review: Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria @ Binjai Park

Located at the upscaled Binjai Park in Upper Bukit Timah area, Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria is an authentic Italian restaurant managed by a very charming Italian owner, Fabrizio Anzolin and Italian executive chef, Domenico Truglia. 

Mr Tan and I had a great dinner tasting at Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria because of their great hospitality! ^^ 

Upon stepping into the restaurant. It is almost like you're entering into someone's house! The entire interior design at Capri is very cosy and homey I would say. 

Capri Spritz, $15+
A concoction of Italian sparkling wine, aperol, oranges, cinchona bark and gentian root. 

The owner has has almost 40 labels of wines! A selection of digestifs that include Limoncello, Grappa, Sambuca, Amaretto and Amari, all for the price at $10++ a glass! Don't be shy to ask owner Fabrizio for the best drink to go along with your food! He would be more than happy to help you with that! ^^

In fact, if you refer to my dayre you will see how owner Fabrizio was so enthusiastic to share with us on his wine collections! Haha! 

Assorted Bread.

While waiting for my dining companions to come. I have already eaten so much bread!! And I cannot emphasize enough how good the breads were! #breadloverhere

Ok. Not entirely breads. Just a type of bread and a pizza base dough, flatbread! SO GOOD!!! 

We had at least 10 baskets of bread for the night. Not kidding. I guess actions says all eh? 10 baskets by 5 people. 

I have a nickname of bread monster for a reason. Hahaha! :P

Alright, moving to the starters that we have tried. 

Tagliere casereccio, $28++

Of home cured cold cuts served with atop rocket salad.

The dish looks spicy eh? Yes, in fact Italian loves spicy food as well!
I didn't know that Italians eat a lot of SPICY FOOD until I came to Capri! Bet you don't know as well right? 

They do! Spicy food is especially popular in Calabria, southern Italy. The Italians there LOVE fiery style dishes as compared to northern counterparts.

I think I like southern Italians more now. Heh. :D

A bit of everything in a plate:1. Bread (a must!! Hahaha!)
2. Pork belly
3. Pork neck
4. Air dried beef (yum yum)
5. Rocket 
6. Aged cheese (very salty
7. Olive oil
8. Olive 
9. Cured chillies (very salty and spicy)
10. Sundries tomatoes 

My favourite is the cured beef!! 

Gamberi e cappesante alle erbe, $20+

2nd appetizer. Of prawns and scallops seasoned in a Mediterranean herbs, pan-seared in olive oil served on a bed of mesclun, sundries tomatoes and olives.

I prefer this appetizer! 

I have more excuses to have more breads! Waste not of any of the gravy by mopping up every bits with BREAD! Yums! 

Seriously the owner was very worried. He was worried that we would be eating too much breads and wouldn't have space for the real food. But worrying is one thing, he still went back to the kitchen to bring us more baskets of bread.

Cannarozzi allo zafferano, $25+
Because cannot not have pasta when in Italian restaurant.

A tube like pasta, sautéed in a saffron sauce with ricotta cheese and smoky bacon, crispy bacon and shavings of Parmesan.

The moment I see saffron and ricotta, I knew this will be good. And yes it was! Love the smoky bacon too! I actually use the bread to mop up all the leftover sauces on the plate too! BAHAHAHAHA! :D
Pasta riccia all'nduja, $25+
Hand-made pasta tossed in house-made nduja (a spicy pork paste). The spicy pork paste so good can. I have no doubt now that southern Italian can eat spicy food! This was spicy~ BUT DAMN SHIOK!! I like! :D
Moving to main course. Yes. We are now at main course only, after finished x baskets of bread and 2 plates of pasta. Apparently pasta is not a main course to them yo~ The ang mohs really know how to enjoy life. 
Cacciucco alla Livornese, $28+
A bowl brimming with mussels, prawns, squid, clams, crayfish and cod stewed in tomato based sauce.

Another dish where we had so many breads again! Because how can you not mop the stew dry with it?
cotoletta alla Milanese, $48+
Fried breaded veal chop, served with roasted potatoes and side of fresh rocket.
Look at that pinkish fresh!
The owner said it would have been more pinkish if we hadn't taken so long to take photos. Oops!:P

This is also my first time actually liking veal! Usually I'm not a big fan of it. Haha! Would be better if sauces were served along. A bit dry especially the roasted potatoes.
Torta al limone, $10. 
A warm homemade lemon cake with a side of mascarpone cream. 
My favourite dessert of the 5 that we tried that night! 
The cake was so moist that it almost melted in the mouth! Seriously, even as a baker, I have never tried a cake this moist! 
Chef said it was baked with juices from 5 lemons! Wow! That's really intense! Love it with the mascarpone cream at the side too. So good that I couldn't resist having another piece. :P
Another desserts that you can expect:
Pana cotta served with Italian cherries. 
One of the better version of pana cotta I have tried so far. Who says that pana cotta is another name for pudding should come and try this! This is real panna cotta, rich and creamy. 
Vanilla ice cream with olive oil and black pepper! 

Don't judge the combination! Weird but, WE LOVED IT!!
I asked why didn't they included this on the menu. He said because people probably won't order (true that. haha) and he doesn't want competitors to copy as well. 

But you can still get to enjoy this! Just tell the owner! He will do it for you!^^
The Bomb.
Chocolate ice cream with a little surprise! It's vanilla ice cream inside! But the most interesting part is still the liquid surrounding it.
It's liquor. 35% alcoholic content. Why is this good? Because chocolate and alcohol is like perfect. 
Again, this is not on the menu. But you can request

I left Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria with a very satisfying stomach because of the bread and also because owner Fabrizio was too kind! Haha! We were so well-fed by him! 

Thank you owner Fabrizio and Chef Domenico Truglia for the wonderful southern Italian food experience! ^^ 

3 Binjai Park, Singapore 589819
Contact: (65) 6468 4886
Operating Hours: Tuesday – Sunday (closed Mondays)
                                   Lunch: 12.00 – 2.30pm (last order 2pm)
                                     Dinner: 6.00 – 10.30pm (last order 10pm)


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