Thursday, July 2, 2015

Recipe: Tau Suan 豆爽

Oh gosh! Weather now in Singapore is crazy or what? Are you feeling the heat wave in as well? I feel like I could just melt into a puddle of water whenever I'm out in the sun!

So now I'll try to make more cooling desserts for the family. Like my homemade 'laoban' tauhuay, green bean soup, jelly and recently I venture into making Tau Suan! Haha!

Tau Suan/ split green bean soup is one of the most popular Chinese desserts you can find in Singapore! It's really delicious and so easy to make too? 

Yes, I would consider a 30 minutes recipe for Tau Suan to be easy. :D 

Ingredients (serves 2):
100g spilt green bean/ mung beans
2 knots pandan leaves 
1 litre water 
Sugar to taste

1 tbsp potato flour
100ml water

1. Soak mung beans for 30 minutes in lukewarm water.

2. Drain well and steam mung beans with a knot of pandan leaves for about 30 minutes on medium heat till soft.

3. As mung beans are being steamed, in another pot bring about 1 litres water to boil with the other knot of pandan leaves. 

4. When mung beans are cooked and soften, add them into the pot of pandan water. Slowly stir in the thickening mixture to thicken the dessert. Stir and ate sugar as you taste. 

5. Turn off the heat and serve. Best eaten with some fried fritter/ you tiao! ^^

ps: The fried fritter are store bought, but if you're interested with Japanese cheesecake, I have 3 different type of recipes which I really like! 
1. Japanese Cheddar Cheesecake
2. Japanese Cottony Cheesecake
3. Japanese Souffle Cheesecake

Let me know which to you prefer? ^^

Can I end off with 'cheers'? Hahahahah!

Anyway, really hope that the weather can be more merciful! 


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