Monday, August 3, 2015

Review Art Art And Away Cafe @ Tessensohn Road + {GIVEAWAY} // Din Tai Fung @ NEX

Just last week I was invited to Art Art Away Cafe, a unique decorative art retail store cum dessert cafe!

Located within what I will call another 'cafe paradise', rangoon road, competition is definitely steep! But I think what really stands out at Art Art And Away, compared to other cafes, is their beautiful plating of each dessert! It specialises in signature local desserts in fact, but with a contemporary twist! 

Read on the find out more about this cafe as well as a giveaway at the end! ^^

A decorative art retail store and dessert cafe!:) 

Looks familiar? If you have been to Hungry Heroes Cafe just a few door away! 
Yup! Brought to you by the same owner!^^

The reason why the owner expanded into another new cafe is because they needed a bigger space for their retail side! Apparently Hungry Heroes Cafe has gained much popularity that it is unable to handle the retail side anymore! 

I haven't been to Hungry Heroes yet, but I heard the steak there is good? 

The weather that day was horrible! 
Ok, perfect weather for dessert since so hot. 
Haha! I drank down the entire bottle because I was so dehydrated! 

We tried 5 desserts and 2 drinks in total. 

So here we go~ 

Chee Cheong Fun v2.0, $8.
Mango roll, Okinawa black sugar sauce and strawberry sauce.

Very creative right!!
But creativity aside, it was my least favourite dessert because mango wasn't sweet enough and the glutinous skin just couldn't hold the mango well. :/ 

New wave mango pudding, $12.
Mango pudding, passion fruit gel, coconut caviar, feuilletine, mango cubes, pomegranate seeds, mango ice cream.

Like a bit of art created for all mango lovers!
I like the good balance of sweet and sourness on this plate.

Coconut cutting edge pudding, $12.
Coconut pudding, Kaya, coconut flesh, red ruby, jackfruit.

Another beauty!
The type of dessert I will go for after a heavy meal because it was really light and refreshing! 

Chocolate chip eggette, $12.
Vanilla ice cream, fresh fruits and cream.

Though looks like the HK eggette, it actually tasted very different! Theirs is more crisp and dense! In fact there are real chocolate chips within the eggette too! 

Bak kwa & pork floss eggette, $12.
Vanilla ice cream, bak kwa and pork floss.

At the end, this became my favourite dessert! Not sure if it is because there's a bit of savoury touch in this. Hahaha! 

Sweetness overdosed eh? Lol! 

By the way this is a monthly special! So try it before it is gone! 

Mango pomelo sago sundae, $8.
Mango icecream, vanilla icecream, mango sauce, mango cubes, sago, pomelo and lots of whipped cream.

Chendol sundae, $8.
Coconut ice cream, gula Melaka, atap seeds, red bean, corn kernels, pandan strips and lots of cream.

Strawberry sundae, $8.

Chendol sundae would be my pick! Pack with so much ingredients! But what I don't like about their drinks is the amount of whipped cream. It makes me feel really jelak after a few mouth. So our host kindly made us another version of the drinks, but without the whipped cream! So much better! I mean like whipped cream and ice cream is visually pleasing.. but not very friendly to the body eh? :P 

Overall, is Art Art And Away worth a try? 

Yes! Especially with the weather nowadays! :< 

Would recommend the eggettes and the coconut cutting edge pudding.:)

Yes, the giveaway. I did not forget! Haha! 

I'm giving awat 5 x $20 dessert vouchers to Art Art And Away Cafe! 
3 simples steps to follow:

1. follow Art Art And Away on Instagram.
2. Insta repost this post on Instagram. 
3. Leave a comment on that post and tag a friend! 

Contest ends on 6 th Aug 2015, 12pm! Open to all Singapore residents only. :) 

27 Tessensohn Road, Singapore 217698
Tel: +65 6291 2612
Opening Hours: Tue to Fri 3.30pm to 10.30pm
                    Sat to Sun: 1pm to 10pm


After a very sweet tasting at Art Art And Away, we had dinner at Din Tai Fung

What is your usual orders? Mine is fried rice and xiao long baos always! :D 

Compare to the shrimp version, I'm a bigger fan of the pork cutlet one! :D 

Still one of my favourite xlb place! <3 

Chilli crab xlb, $7.50 for 4 pieces. 

The highlight! Because DTF's famed chilli crab xlb is back again! I remembered having it the first time last year with my family too and we really like it! 

Available till 31 August only! Eat it before you have to wait another year to see them again!

UOB cardmembers can enjoy 15% off the steamed chilli crab xlb by the way!

My type of happy meal is a meal with happy faces. ^^



  1. Oh you and your mummy look so alike! ♡♡♡

    1. Hahaha! Really! I'm happy to hear that because I really like her sharp face! :P

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