Saturday, August 1, 2015

Recipe: Soya Beancurd/ Tau Huay/ 豆花

Tau Huay, my type of remedy to a hot and humid day. ^^

I know, I know, why waste the precious time to make my own tau huay when one bowl is probably just $2? 

Well, for that experience right? Haha! And don't you agree that anything homemade just brings a 'wow' factor to the food. :P 

So may I present you a very simple version of homemade tau huay! ^^

Ingredients (make 4 bowls):
Soy Milk
100g soyabeans (preferably organic beans)
1250 ml water
Sugar to taste

Tau Huay
Soy Milk
1 tsp lactone
120 ml water

Sugar Syrup
Bring to boil a brown sugar and water mixture. 
Adjust sweetness to your preference. 

Soy Milk
1.Rinse soybeans and soak in water overnight. Rinse and drain well the next day.

2. Work in batch to transfer the beans into a food processor, add enough water to just cover the beans. Process until finely grounded. Strain the grounded beans through a muslin bag (cloth with fine pores) to squeeze out the liquid.

3. When done, transfer the soy milk into a large deep pot. Cook over medium-low heat. Stir constantly to avoid burning. Bring the soymilk to a boil and continue to cook for another 5 minutes. Add in some sugar according to your liking.

ps: if you can't make your own soymilk, you can buy the ones made freshly at the hawker centre's drink stall! Works as well! ^^

Tau Huay (with reference to ieatishootipost)
1. Dissolve the lactone powder into the 120 ml of water and pour the solution into a rice cooker pot.

2. While the soya milk is still hot, pour the hot soyabean milk into the rice cooker. Pour it from a height to allow the soya milk to mix evenly with the lactone-water solution without stirring.

3. Cover the rice cooker with a cloth ( I use a muslin cloth) wait for 45 min for your soy milk to coagulate. 

4. Remove the cloth and your tau huay should be done! Gently scoop layers of tau huay into each bowl and top with some sugar syrup! 

Whoa! Can you feel my excitement when I removed the cloth? :D

Actually one of the reason why I learnt to make tau huay is because Mr Tan likes! :P

So a simply breakfast of tau huay and egg mayo sandwich! ^^

Well, if you prefer lao ban, click here for the recipe! Both are healthy remedies to the merciless weather! :< 

I actually can make steamed milk! Omg! 我要疯了!!�� (Taken with Instagram)

Overly enthusiastic in my recommendations eh? Hahahaha! 

Ok~ till then! ^^



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