Monday, November 23, 2015

Review: Indline // Banana Tree SG @ Keong Saik Road

Keong Saik Road should be a familiar place for us, especially those who are a big fan of cafe-hopping in Singapore! I call this road the cafe paradise! Haha! 

Anyway, that's why I find it so weird to see an Indian eatery opening along this stretch! But it did successfully stands out among the rest! :) 

Indline is not your usual Indian resturarnt that you see along Little India, it is a contemporary Indian cookery!

.It's like fastfood cum Indian food restaurant! 
Fusion is the word.

That counter you see is almost like a subway concept. Diners come in, choose and take whatever that want! This is what they call as an Indbox! More for lunch though. 

For dinner you can check out the extensive menu! Also available during lunch time, but the lunch crowd usually prefers the Indbox, said our host. 

Perhaps Mr Tan and I had over ordered for 2. Hahaha! But honestly, I would love to try a bit of everything if I had that stomach capacity! :P

Appetizer: Chicken Tikka, $11.

Didn't order this at first but our host said this is a must try! 
So we did. :D

Suppose to be spicy, but I don't find at spicy at all! Haha! 

Order 2 types of naans - Garlic naan, $3 and Kashmiri naan (sweet naan), $3. 

I fell in love with kashmiri naan after I've tried the ones at Muthu's Curry! The latter still makes the best naans in my opinion. ^^

Chicken Briyani, $10.

Love the saffron taste in this! I guess you must like saffron to like the Briyani here. Mr Tan wasn't a fan.

My must order whenever I'm at an Indian eatery! Palak paneer, $10.

Lamb Vandaloo, $11. 

Our host said we have to order this and we are so glad we did! Yes, love it! Boneless lamb was cooked to tender!

Goan fish curry, $10. 

Mr Tan suggested this. I think it would have been better if more spicy.:D

Honestly, it's hard to find fish curry that is as good as the one I had at Muthu's curry. The market has been spoilt. Haha! 

Over-order = Over-eat

Mr Tan and I finished everything~ whoohoo! So proud of mysel! hehe.. 

Overall, I think Indline is very creative with their new Indian concept! Perfect for the lunch! :) 

Must orders: Briyani and Lamb Vandaloo. 

28 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089135
Contact: 6221 3280
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 11.30 am to 10.30 pm (close on Sunday) 


After our satisfying dinner, we went next door for dessert! :D

Yes, my sweet department is 24/7 at work.


Anyway, Banana Tree Sg Cafe is just beside Indline! 

A pot of edible flower to share! :D

Actually just a red bean bingsu la. Haha! 

Tasted more like shaved ice than bingsu. :/ 

Perfect treat on a hot weather. ^^

26 Keong Saik Road 
Singapore 089133Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (Tues-Sat), 12pm – 7pm (Sun), Closed Mon


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