Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Recipe: Ramen Burger // Fish Fillet Burger

Do you like the traditional bun burger? Or are you keen to try some ramen burgers? :D 

Either one, I'm sharing both recipes with everyone today! ^^

I probably have made these ramen burgers about half a year ago? Hahaha! 

Have been sitting on it till now that I'm finally going through my backlogs of recipes to write. :P 

Believe it or not, ramen burger really don't look or sound as complicated as it may appear to be. 

Don't believe? 
Read on for yourself! :P

Ingredients for 1 ramen burger:
1 package ramen noodles
2 eggs (1 for ramen burger, 1 to fry)
1 slice cheese
1 piece fish fillet
Salt/Black pepper to taste

1. Cook the ramen as directed on the packet, leaving out the seasoning. Drain noodles and set aside to cool slightly.
2. Mix 1 egg into the ramen and coat the ramen evenly.
3. Divide the ramen into 2 equal portions. Place each portion onto a round bowl with a cling wrap over. Press the noodles down with an heavy object (see picture above) Refrigerate for 15 minutes.
4. To make the ramen bun, place the chilled ramen onto a heated pan. Fry until golden brown on both sides. 
5. Fry a sunny side up egg and the fish fillet, we will be ready to assemble the ramen burger! :) 

I always love a sunny side up egg. 

Because I can always do this and it excites me!! Hahaha! 

A one pan dinner like this. 

Fit for brunch or lunch as well! ^^

Well, if you're really not keen in making a ramen burger or not confident enough. Try a fish fillet burger! 

Pictures are quite self-explanatory right? :D

Good bye fish-O-fillet.

 I can have my own healthier version at home. ^^



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