Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

We are no Christians, but it's a yearly affair for the bro and I to cook a Christmas feast for the parents. 

This year no less. Except we have an additional helper, my sister-in-law! ^^

The Hello Kitty Fondant Cake was baked especially for her! She is one crazy fan of Hello Kitty, not me. :P

Second year that I've made a Christmas Fruit Tree.

I've totally forgotten if I've blogged about last year's Christmas feast. Haha! 

This is so pretty right!! I assume that you agree with me. :P

My attempt to make the family eat healthy. ^^

This is how you  make one. Found this on Google search. :)

The savoury parts. 

You probably think that we will have lots of leftovers? 

I thought so initially. Even prepared boxes to keep the roasted vegetables and fruits. Haha!

But my family of 5 finished everything. :O

Except the cake though.

I'm truly impressed.


Salmon Wellington. 

We tried making Gorden Ramsey's beef wellington previously. In comparison, salmon wellington is so much easier to make! :D 

Recipe from here. 

The salmon was amazing! <3

Could be better if we had my spinach and butter. Haha! We ran short of butter, thus the bad pastry crust. :P 

Chicken Roulade.

A bit of modification here. Haha! We used chicken skin instead of bacon!

Recipe modified from here. :)

Only the chicken breast was used. So the rest of the chicken we seasoned with some sea salt and baked it in the oven! Oven-baked sea salt chicken it became. :D

Baked Cheesy Augustine Tiger Prawns with roasted vegetables and sausages.

Prawns courtesy of iChef! An online 'market' that aims to deliver restaurant grade products to their customers so that they can enjoy it in the comfort of their own home!

Roasted baby potatoes with salmon belly and hams.

Salmon belly from iChef. :)

I've shared how I like to roast my potatoes on my dayre.

I love to toss it with some coconut oil first, then season with sea salt, dill, parsley and lemon pepper! Personally, I love the range of spices and seasoning from Masterfoods! Also, the easiest to get. Just off the shelves from Fairprice! :D

We had a great Christmas and I hope you too who is reading this! ^^

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 



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