Saturday, January 16, 2016

Review: Ci Yuan Hawker Centre // SOD Cafe @ Ci Yuan Community Club

Ci Yuan Hawker Centre, located at Hougang, is one of our government's effort to preserve the hawker culture in Singapore! 

It has been opened for a while, but I didn't get a chance to visit until now! Haha! 

Housing about 40 stalls (each selling different items), Ci Yuan Hawker Centre certainly provides a varieties of food choices under one roof! :D
Fun facts about Ci Yuan Hawker Centre: 

1. It is the first hawker centre to be located in a community centre.
2. It is run by Fei Siong Food Management Pte Ltd. 
3. It is the first and only hawker centre currently to be using self service kiosk to make payment for your food! 

I'm especially impressive with the last point! 

This is the self payment kiosk machine that I'm talking about. 

Every stall at Ci Yuan has a machine like this. The stall holders don't actually collect money from the patrons. Instead, after the order has been taken, they would key into the kiosk machine, after which the patron just have to pay the amount of money stated by inserting your notes/coins into the machine! 

The self payment kiosk is so smart that it can even give you the exact amount of change! 

So impressive~~ 

I don't know about you. At least when I saw this, I panicked a little. Haha! Like what if I don't know how to use? :O

But I think I worried too much. Haha! The machine was really simple to use! Well, Hougang is an old estate and I saw a lot of elderly buying dinner from the various stall! They could use the self payment kiosk with ease! ^^

Well, if you really really don't understand, not to worry ok? 

Ask the stall owners! They will be more than willing to guide you! :D 

Satisfying my craving for local food. :D 

Char Kway Teow from Mei Shi Quan, $3.80.

 Love the wok hei of this CKT! It is also slightly sweeter than the usual ones, which I love it! Haha! Overall a well executed one! 

Oh yes, that amount of chilli. :D 

Kway Chap from To-Ricos Guo Shi, $4. 

This is opened by the 2nd generation of the famed Blanco Court Food Centre Kway Chap. 

But honestly, it was a disappointment. 

Kway was nice. But this mixed platter was... quite bad. 

I got the give them points for the nicely cleaned intestines. But the intestines tasted so rubbery. . . 

Maybe more work in the braising process ya? :)

Hokkien Mee from Fatty Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodles, $4.

I heard this stall is also the original Simon Road Hokkien Prawn Noodles? The selling point of the hokkien mee here is surely the chilli. It was soooo SPICY! Haha!

Many of the stalls here are opened by second generations! So do come down and give them support! Really admire their spirits to keep the hawker identity of Singapore coming. :') 
Ci Yuan Hawker Centre
51 Hougang Avenue 9 Singapore 530917

Decided to check out this cafe which is just outside Ci Yuan Hawker Centre! 

SOD Cafe!

Charcoal Waffles with Vanilla Ice Cream, $7.50. 

I thought the waffles were not bad! 

Choice of ice creams weren't a lot compare to other cafes. 

If I didn't remember wrongly, about 6? 

A bit too sweet and icy. 

Perhaps their sweet menu isn't their fort? Have yet to try the savoury ones though. 

Next time maybe~ ^^

51 Hougang Avenue, 9 #01-03
 Ci Yuan Community Centre
Singapore 538776
Contact: 6385 4026
Opening hours: 11.00am - 10.00pm, daily



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