Sunday, February 25, 2018

Baby J's birth story

10 Feb 2018, finally we got to carry our baby girl after 37 weeks and 6 days of anticipation. <3

Totally did not expect myself to go into labour this early. I had thought that baby J will be able to hold till after Chinese New Year! I've been wishing for after 20 Feb so that she can be a Pisces like mummy. :P

Nonetheless, I'm very thankful for my healthy girl. 

So here's the story! ^^


That night, my hubby was snoring EXTREMELY loudly beside me! My goodness. He snores, but never to that extreme. /facepalm 

So I couldn't sleep, was tossing and turning in bed. Then suddenly, I felt something leaking out of my vagina. 


My gut feeling tells me that it's "show", one of the signs of labour.  

Went to the toilet, checked. 

Yes, I was right.

I had bloody discharge.

From my readings, "show" is a sign that I'm likely to go into labour in the next 1-2 days! 


I woke the snoring hubby up. His expression was so funny when I told him that I was having "show". The pregnant and almost going to give birth me had to calm him down instead. Haha! 

It was 3am when we checked the time. 

I told him to go back to sleep because I'm not going to deliver yet. 

I tried to sleep. But I realised my bloody discharge is getting more and more and even with water!
So I suspected that my water bag was leaking. :O

Then came the contraction. 

It started out like every half an hour or so, lasting maybe less than 10 seconds. But enough to keep me up all night. >.<

Slowly, the frequency got closer and closer and lasted longer and longer. 

So I started using the contraction counter to track the intervals.

I was having contraction at 5 mins interval, each lasting more than 20 secs! 

I knew I've to wake the husband up again. 

So, it's true that when the lady is going to deliver, the man is the more panicky one. Haha! 

It was 6am when we decided that it was time to head to the hospital.
I managed to shower, take a last photo of my bump, take a wefie with hubby and more importantly, think of what to eat before heading to the hospital. Haha!

No, I didn't ask for McDonald breakfast. In fact I wasn't in the mood for any food. It was too early as well. Haha! 

In the end, I told hubby to drive us to my favourite Sin Heng Kee for a comforting bowl of congee. ^^


We checked in to Mount Alvernia at 9am. The nurse tracked my contraction and I was only 1.5 cm dilated!

My heart sank. That means I probably have another 9 hours to wait?! Since they say it takes about an hour for a cm dilation. T.T

When they checked me at 11am, I was still 1.5cm dilated. No improvement at all. But the contraction was killing me. T.T

I was afraid they will send me home? Since I'm dilation so slowly. Haha!

But I think my waterbag broke shortly after I reached the delivery ward, so no matter what I have to deliver.

Guess what's more painful that the contraction itself? The drip that was injected on me. I don't dare to move my left hand at all! Haha!

Anyway, by 1230pm (Yes, I kept looking at the time), was about 2cm dilated and I couldn't take it anymore. I requested for epidural. Doctor came about half an hour later.


I'm honestly scare about this epidural thing. I tried to avoid it but seriously cannot. The contraction was getting so frequent and intense. 

So like what I've read (I read up a lot. Haha!), I've to curl up while having intense contraction! Not cool at all! They gave me laughing gas while the doctor administered the injection. I don't think I got high from the laughing gas? Haha! I don't even know if I was breathing in correctly! Hahaha! 

Anyway, the laughing gas made me so drowsy! I was struggling to keep awake! But of course, I couldn't. I even had a dream while I passed out. Can't remember what I dreamt of though. Haha! 

It felt like a long sleep before I was awaken by the doctor and nurse. My spinal was numbed and my head felt heavy too. 

**To note that it takes about half an hour for the epidural effect to kick in! 

Ok, to all mummies-to-be, taking epidural is a very WISE choice. 

You don't feel the pain from the contraction anymore. So it helps you to relax and dilate smoother! 

At about 2pm, I was 6cm dilated! So fast right? The last check at 12pm I was only 2cm dilated. Haha!

But! It comes with side effects. You can go Google on them. Not everyone will experience the side effects though.

So I felt nauseous shortly after the injection, but only lasted for awhile. The serious one for me was drowsiness and low blood pressure. Also, I was dilating too fast that baby J's heart rate was dropping! Apparently dilating too fast can cause a shock to the baby as well. 

Ended up, the nurse put me on oxygen mask and kept prompting me to just concentrate on breathing in more air for my baby. T.T

My hubby was beside me all along and I told him to keep talking to me otherwise I'm going to pass out again. >.< 

It was really scary when they told me that baby's heart rate was dropping and no matter how hard I tired to breathe in, it doesn't help! T.T 


By 3pm I was ready for the final lap, the pushing! The midwife came in to prepare me and taught me how to push. I was quite fatigue by then, BUT SO EXCITED TO HUG MY BABY! Haha! 

So I was told to take a DEEEEPPPPPPP breath, then pusssssssssssshhh hard for 10 secs! 

I think by 3 pushes, my baby J was out! :') 

Everything happened really quickly from there and soon, my baby girl was placed on my chest for skin to skin contact. :')

That was a beautiful moment that I will never forget. :') :') :')

I was energy-less then, ready to pass out again. Haha! 

But when my baby was placed on my chest. It felt like she instantly energized me! 

My sweetheart.

Mummy will not forget the moment when you were placed on me. Your eyes were wide open and you were looking straight at me. Yes, I'm your mother, the one whom you have been kicking and punching for the last 37 weeks and 6 days. The one whom have been talking and singing silly songs to you. The one who will fight in all ways to protect you. 

You melt my heart, darling. 
More than 9 months are carrying you in me, I can finally carry and cuddle you in my arms. 

We are now complete. 

Very thankful for this uneventful pregnancy, baby J has been a sweetheart in mummy's womb. :') 
To be honest, I miss that giving birth feeling, excluding the pain. Haha! I miss how chubby she was when she was fresh out of my uterus! So swollen and puffy from being in the water for months! 

I'm thankful for my hubby. Ever supportive and encouraging throughout the pregnancy. :') 
The sweet little notes he'll leave me every morning before heading out for work. The encouragement board that he made for baby and mummy. The food that he bought for me when I'm hungry or craving. All the baby clothes and items that he had washed. The number of hairs he dropped while sorting out our finances with the new addition into our family. For taking care of everything and anytime so that I can focus on carrying our baby. Of course, for pushing along with me when I was in labour. <3

I'm thankful for my family as well. Especially my mother who have been cooking all my favourite dishes whenever I'm home for dinner. When I was delivering, she kept texting and calling me to support and encourage me. Now that I'm a mum, I truly appreciate my own mother even more. Thank you, mummy. <3 <3

15 days into motherhood and I'm truly enjoying it every single day. The first thing I wake up is to see my baby. Actually throughout the day, I've been popping by her room just to stare at her sleeping face. :') I snap photos of her non stop and I love to cuddle her tiny and soft body so much! So strange that before I have a baby, the thought of clearing up her poops and urine disgusts me. But now that baby is here, I'm so willing to clear up after her! So what if her urine and poop stained on me. It's MY baby's poop and urine! Haha!

Motherhood is amazing I'll say. :') 

Yes, motherhood is not all sweet. It's tiring with all the breastfeeding and pumping. But looking at her little face, I can say, all is worth it.

Right now, I just want to enjoy her infancy stage before she grows up too quickly. :')



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