Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Prenatal & Postnatal Massage Singapore Review

Photo taken with Aunty Emily after my 7th and last post natal massage session. 

From my first pregnancy, I've experienced how effective post natal massage is. Especially in flattening the tummy, so going back to Post Natal Massage Singapore is a must!

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The good thing about this post natal massage is they come right to your doorstep, at the comfort of your home! You will just have to prepare 2 big towels and 2 small towels only. 

The entire session lasted about 1 hour 15 mins. An hour for the massage and 15 mins for the corset binding. 

During that hour of full body massage, the aim is of course to help recovery mummies to relax and reduce stress. It also improves blood circulations for better sleep. You know how every bit of rest is so important for sleep deprived mummies who are breastfeeding or pumping through the day and night! The massage will also help to reduce water retention and speeds up womb recovery! 

I remember that during my 1st session with Post Natal Massage Singapore I was having very bad lower backache and engorged breasts. After just one session, my back was much much better from the massage and my engorgement was cleared. My breastmilk yield was much more after clearing the blocked ducts. In fact, every session before the massage, Aunty Emily will always help to check for blocked ducts and clear them if any. 

After the massage is to wear this customised binder using the complimentary Tapel Oil from Post Natal Massage Singapore. This binding helps mummies in straightening their body postures and helps to slim down their postpartum body as well.

Oh yes, other than postnatal carePost Natal Massage Singapore also does Prenatal Massage Singapore I was having very bad lower back ache when I was carrying meimei. Mainly because I'm still the primary caregiver for Jaylene, my elder girl. She loves to ask me to carry her! So I'm so glad I did this pregnancy massage. Just one session, my lower back ache was relieved and I was pain free for almost a week before I needed another round of massage. So highly recommended for pregnant mummies who have aching problems or any discomfort. I didn't have any water retention, but if you do, Prenatal Massage Singapore can help to alleviate too. Hopefully this prenatal massage recommedation would help fellow pregnant mummies! :)

Anyway, this is how it is like to have the binder on. Best to wear it for at least 6 hours. Not to worry, the binder is designed such that it doesn't interfere with breastfeeding. 

This was taken before I started my post natal massage.

After just 2 sessions.

After 7 sessions of massage and binding!:) 

I'm still very satisfied with the result I get from the massage. Hopefully this Post Natal Massage Singapore review would be helpful to recovery mummies too. If you are looking for Pregnancy Massage Singapore, either prenatal massage recommendation or postnatal masssage in Singapore. Do check out Post Natal Massage Singapore. You can also call 64179690 to book now or learn more about their services! :)


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