I think I’m joining the CULLEN family soon :D
The amount of work piled up on my desk is turning me into vampire, I see myself getting paler D:
School is hell. And goodbye recess week D:
Recess week plan was to complete my webcasts and really consolidate my work. But plan never works for me ;)
The good new is that I DID COMPLETE MY WEBCASTS! :D
How did I spend my recess week? Other than BAI NIAN, I found a new addiction, rather my family found a new addiction ;)
HAHAHA! yes! 神探狄仁杰!
There are 3 seasons! Currently I’m at season 2! Each season is like 40 episodes! So you can count how many hours have I put into this drama :P
Very nice! I love detective series! Can put my GEK1021 to good use! haha! I was telling my parents ‘Judge Dee was written by an ang moh leh! He is Robert van Gulik…’ I FEEL KNOWLEDGEABLE :D
I fly Edward (not Edward Cullen) aeroplane. In the end I did not turn up for the CNY gathering :X
Heiheihei, Yishun a bit far ah :X And my body a bit lazy to move too :X I’M SURE YOU GUYS ARE HAVING A GREAT TIME NOW! :P
Damn school tml! :( :( :( :(
Actually I don’t mind joining the Cullen clan. LOL! LIRONG WAKE UP!