Saturday, February 20, 2010


Yay! just came back from flag comm’s reunion dinner! <3 lovely time spent! Sorry maomao that we dirty your house! =XxX YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL PLACE! :D
Meet up earlier with the girls to buy food to maomao’s place! it was pot luck! haha
I brought this:
My mum made this! No idea what is it called. :X
My mum changed the don’t what to PUMPKIN! haha! My mum loves me! :D
L: got mirror = got cam whore always! :)
R: our feast! This is only like half of our food!
While the guys were busily preparing the food in the kitchen, the girls were relaxing on the sofa watching TV ;) the world is changing!
Because I’m too lazy to upload the rest of my photos, I shall end with this! I love this photo! So nice! :D
Maomao’s place has a weighing scale! Its interesting to see how WEIGHT really matters to a girl. HAHA!
Daddy came to pick me up! WHOOHOO! <3<3<3 As I grow older, I really appreciate my parents and love my family more! Ehem, Lirong is getting more mature :D
I shall upload my photos to FB when I wake up :X
Night people!
argh! recess week is almost over! CRAPZ! Really wish that someone could burn down NUS :X

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