My family has this tradition for Mothers’ Day. That is! My bro and I will make an awesome dinner for mummy! YAY!
For the previous years it has always been western food but this year we decided to make chinese!
First up: Healthy soup. LOL! lots of vege and yong tau foo!
Ingredients for our soup!
product! the soup was really sweet! Mainly due to the sweet corn! duh.
Sec: Stirred fried mixed vege
Lot of yummy ingredients! :D
Me the brilliant chef frying! LOL!
Appearance wise wasn't good but dont doubt the taste! YUM YUM!
Third: Sweet and Sour Pork (voted the 2nd best dish!)
Fry fry fry~
Looks like popcorn hor? haha! we started eating it before serving. LOL!
tada~ didn't expect it to turn out to be so GOOD!
Finally the last dish! and the best dish of the night!! *drum roll*
4th: Modified hotplate egg tofu!
Me chopping the egg tofu!
deep frying the egg tofu!
yay! As i said, its a modified version! cox we didn't have hotplate at home! So it was hotpan egg tofu! LOL!
Hearty dinner :D

We managed to finish all the dishes! Thanks to mama’s enormous stomach! LOl! She thinks that our chinese dishes are better than our western ones. LOL! Time to work hard and impress daddy during fathers’ day!