Still having a fever NOW. This morning I couldn’t get out of bed. So I got my brother to serve me breakfast while I lay comfortably in bed :> Then watched 5 episodes of GOSSIP GIRLS! haha!
Brother Ta Bao my lunch - Chicken congee. This is what sick people eats, luckily I love congee :>
I feel like a queen! HAHA!
After lunch slept again until dinner (homemade seafood congee), which explains why I still don’t feel like going to bed when I should rest my aching body like NOW.
So a little updates of SCAMP over here :D
Glad to have them as my freshies!

lots of new experiences and memories from SCAMP’10!
1. Being a SENIOR!!! OMG!
2. Screaming like crazy with dear Hidaya <3 I think we sort of became INFAMOUS for that. LOL!
3. Solving mathematics problem in the middle of a game. This was really crazy! HAHA! We even have Peiying to come in and solve with us! LOL!
4. Virgin clubbing experience at butter factory! Thought I gonna hate it but turned out that Hidaya and I danced though the night! OMG! So unexpected! It was because of them! :>
5. Sun blocking myself like crazy! HAHA! I did a fair job for that! wheee~ Not tanned/burned at all EXCEPT for my back which I missed out! :< So my back is SUNBURNED! yes! Burned not even tanned la! Damn painful for the first few days but now it’s just left with ugliness only. :(
There were too many happy events in SCAMP! For SCAMP for everything! I don’t mind joining as a senior again next year! Cox I want to create more memories! :D
Out of hunger/starvation/choice-less I have to eat the rice for energy! Also out of hunger, rice seen to taste so GOOD in camps. HAHA!
Not forgetting the food in camp! haha!
Day 1
D plus - this is the peanut flavour. I seriously dislike peanut, but this was the only flavour they have on the shell. Conclusion: if you really dislike something, then don't try it. Peanut doesn't go well with the bread AT ALL.
Chap Cai Peng - This was exactly what we had for Prep camp day 1 too. LOL! There is fishcake this time round! HAHA!
My pack flooded with beanspouts from Hidaya! Beanspouts are so nice CAN?!
Day 2
D plus - red bean! :D so sweet so yummy! one is never enough!
Chicken chop from Megabites - KATANA kids wanted to have megabites for lunch. I WAS LIKE MEGABITES?! NOOOOOOOO! hahahaha! I failed to convince them though. Conclusion: Their food has improved.
This was the worse pack rice of all. Cox of the chicken wing. haha! Cox I personally refuse to dirty my hands! So I had a hard time with the chicken! :<
Day 3
D plus - Chocolate! :>
So-so, think we had something like this during prep camp too.
This was definitely one of the best pack rice! Cox of the fish fillet!:D Weicun ate 3 packets that day and Hidaya ate 2 packets! for the fish! LOL! If only there was sauce given!
Day 4
D plus: Purple potato. Was rather excited when I saw this! Cox it's like my top most eat from D plus! :D wheeee~
You know what, this is by far the only pack that I FINISHED EVERY BIT OF THE FOOD, INCLUDING THE RICE! I guess I was starving. But really very nice leh this pack! hahaha!
Dinner @ fort canning! CATERED BUFFET! :D
Here comes the glutton - took bits of everything:D There were fried rice, mee siam, stir fried beancurd with vege, salad, deep fried prawns and deep fried fish. I also had a piece of walnut cake and chocolate cake! Which I put it on Mazuki's plate cox mine was full. haha! Satisfying dinner but was at the expense of my throat D: Voice become sexier after the cakes and fried items :(
Day 5
Fried bee hoon! I rarely eat anything other than breads for breakfast. HAHA! So this is the only breakfast that I ate from SCAMP. LOL!
My throat was really bad so decided to have something like - Yong Tau Foo from SCI canteen. Was quite disgusting leh. :X
Curry Chicken!!! OMG! Total neglect the fact that I was having a horrible time with my throat!:D So voice when even sexier~ damn! No wonder I fall sick -.-
I think after another round of Chap Cai Peng in SOW prep-camp and camp right, the amount of rice I will be eating can break some record of mine!

Alright, shall rest soon! For the buffet tml! I WILL GET WELL!