I went to NUS today for this:
Free food
My plate :D Fried Mee, popiah, spicy chicken, chocolate cream puff, fried sotong ball, siew mai and apple strudel.
I love the apple strudel! Hoho! My fav combination of sugar + butter! :D Had 2 of it! Could eat more if  the oil has not made my throat really uneasy :( Rag people like ta bao 3/4 plates of the apple strudels! *envy. LOL! The siew mai was not bad too! I think the place was filled with hungry people la! When I go for my second round, only apple strudels were left. EVEN THE FRUITS WERE CLEARED! OMG! :o
I seriously regret going to NUS today, should have stayed at home and rest. The exposure to germs and bacteria has caused me to feel worse after the buffet. :( Well, at least I helped a bit with RAG :D
Get well get well pls! Tml need to go out again, so if friday! Then sat and sun got intensive OCC!