Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let me be

Dad wants me to eat rice and fish soup as breakfast every morning! WTH! Who on Earth have such good appetite early in the morning?! NO WAY am I giving in this time round, I insist to stick to my good old wholemeal bread and milk. NONONONONONO.


Celebrated GAMBIT's Nov+Dec Birthday on Sunday!:D

Met Juyin and Hidaya earlier at Bugis to get some last minute presents and shopped at Tony Moly too~ Wanna go back again and get more nail colours! Haha! I NEED A JOB! D:

Swensen's OrchardION

Finally can rest our poor legs after walking for the whole afternoon! :<

That explains our satisfied smiles. Wheee~

Spaghetti Aglio Olio

I believe a simple looking dish is also the most difficult dish to cook to prefection. Swensen's Aglio Olio couldn't impress me. :/

Gan Tie aka Johnoson's treat:

All Time Favourite - Deep Fried Mushrooms.

Fried food never can go wrong especially when it goes with mayonnaise! :)

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Yummy Yummy Cheese~

The Stars of the night! Nov+Dec babies!:D

Strawberry Cheesecake

No doubts, everyone loves it! :)

It's always a tradition for GAMBIT's to punk on each other. This year the target was on Ervin, again. HAHA! Don't mess with us girls kay! We have lots of ideas on punking. :)

Heard us? ;)


My skin is really kinda yellow. :/ Nonetheless, we are one big happy family! <3

Dessert time!

I can only admire them. T.T

Merlion Kueh Nen Gao, Gan Tie's treat again!

So cute right? HAHA! As the name suggest, it is the normal kueh nen gao but with different types of fillings! I like custard cream the best! :)

The lights in Orchard always reminds me of childhood when dad & mum would bring us to town every year to admire the lights. :)

I seriously think that back turn the decorations were much prettier.

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