Sunday, December 26, 2010

So precious, so priceless


That was my Christmas dinner with family!:) It would be silly to head out and squeeze/queue with the crowds, thus my family has never been out for any Xmas dinner! Yea, never. Haha! Either we cooked or home delivery~ 

Had Pizza Hut and KFC delivered to our doorstep. :) 

BBQ Sausage

Cheese 'n' Chic

6 pieces chicken 

We also stir-fired some broccoli w black beans and added a bowl of grapes to balance the diet!:D

Sweet dessert was served to end our hearty Xmas dinner. :)

White fungi, wolfberries, red dates & longan

Very good for the skin! <3 

Finally after our cozy dinner together, our Xmas presents were finally unwrapped! Wheeee~~~

What made me so happy that night wasn't the food nor the gifts. It was each and every of the smiles on their faces that are so precious and priceless to me. 

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