Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hooray! Christmas is finally here~ marking that the year is coming to an end. :) I always have a thing for Christmas, though I'm no Christian. :X Haha! 

White Christmas

Hope that one day I'll celebrate Xmas in a place like this with my love ones. :)

23/12, Thurs

I thought I was superwoman for the day! :X Had to rush 3 places in a day!

Morning - Medical Appointment at Tanjong Pagar
Noon - Katana Outing at Bugis
Afternoon - Xmas gathering with Qiao, JX and SQ at Nex

Surprising I was on time/earliest for all 3 events. How did I make it? O.O

Glad I make it to meet my dear KATANA! :) They decided to have lunch at Seoul Garden despite the rise in price for the festive(SO EVIL).

The seniors.

The freshies + Zenia and Chun Ling.

I only stayed like an hour plus and have to leave earlier for my next gathering. :( But the time was well spent trying to catch up with them and to take a proper shot of Pei Tsung. I WILL SUCCEED THE NEXT TIME! 

I must say that public transport was on my side for the day, reached NEX in like 15mins? And I was the earliest to reach! HAHA!

Joined them for super late lunch. No, I should say high-tea cox SQ came only like an hour later! O.O Luckily I wasn't hungry if not I think I will bite off his neck! HAHAHAHAHA! Keeping my stomach happy is very important you know!:P

We were really very broke from all the Xmas shopping, also Qiao wanted her porridge from the foodcourt! So there we went~ 

A1 Porridge

I think this porridge is a kind of teochew porridge? My mum loves to cook this at home too, but my favorite is still cantanose congee! <3 Didn't know Qiao is such a superfan for porridge too! In fact she can have porridge for all her 3 meals, 2 days in a row!


Dried Yong Tau Foo

I went for Yong Tau Foo again, cox I wasn't very happy with the last one from Tanjong Pagar FC! Yay, very big portion right? Hehe! I'm very happy with the sweet sauce~~ Couldn't finish the Bee Hoon though. :X

Fried Half Spring Chicken w Rice

SQ's meal. Oh, I like the rice! For a while I thought it was chicken rice, but it isn't. How did they transform the plain white rice into one that has so much fragrance? :/ He actually finished his lunch in 10mins. 

*jaw drops*

JX has a very normal dining time, he already had his meal by that time. GOOD BOY! LOL! 

We had gifts exchange after our meal, Qiao bought me Masks from SKIN FOOD! Thanks girl! <3

Dear pretty Qiao! LOVES. <3

Caught YOGI BEAR after which, though JX was very reluctant. HAHA! 

A really funny movie indeed! Love Yogi and Booboo! SO SO SO ADORABLE! It was also the 'nosiest' movie I've ever caught, cox the theater was constantly filled with laughters! =) 

The 4 of us bought a popcorn combo to share too. Must really praise Shaw House for their popcorns! I think it's the best popcorn I ever had! All the kernels were nicely popped, unlike other places where you can still find un-popped seeds. Could be better if they were more generous with their honey! :D So glad the 4 of us all have sweet-tooths! I used to have friends that only eat salted popcorns. T.T 

Went shopping after the movie~ I want all the pretty shoes at NEX!!! Santa you heard that? :X Hehe! 

Wheeeee~ Had so much fun with them! <3 

24/12, Fri

Had another medical appointment again, this time mum and dad were with me. Had acultpucture, gua sha and cupping at a go! It has never cross my mind that what I've learned in CMH would be so related to my life now! Haha! Best is that the treatments did work on me, felt much better after all the pain! Yes very painful! :< My back is still red now! Nvm, as long as it works, I shall REN! 

Somehow I have a lot of faith with this physician, though I secretly thinks that a bad spleen is kinda good? Who don't want to remind light-weighted despite all the feasting? :D Ya, too greedy I know. :/

Had late lunch again cox my appointment took more than 2 hours! :O Worse, I feel really bad that my bad health cost so much time & money on my parents. :( Aiks.. 

Lunched at Tanjong Pagar FC again~ 

Mee Rebus, $2.

My mummy loves mee rebus and mee siam a lot! After much struggling, she decided to sacrifice mee siam. Turn out it wasn't up to her expectation. Haha!  

Claypot Seafood Bee Hoon, $3.50.

My new addiction! It has sliced fish and prawns, but there were also minced pork, lean chicken, pig liver! You call this seafood? Nonetheless, it was really nice! Good for one that want a bit of everything! A very general portion for the price. :) 

Red Bean soup w Sweet Potato

Dad's workplace was near so he 'eat snake' and came to find us! Orh-hor! He already had lunch so bought the dessert to share with us. Nice, but too sweeeeeeet~ 

Went NEX again after lunch. NEX NEX NEX again and again. LOL! But it really a bad time to be there today, the place was flooded with people. :< But it didn't affect our shopping spirit. la. Hee! Carried home 6 shopping bags, all mum's treat! Muhahahahaha!!! 

Otw home, mum was like 'shit, later your dad confirm will say that I anyhow spend money!' 
So cute! :D
Really shagged after we got home, but still have to cook! Lovely mum decided to make YONG TAU FOO for me! SO AWESOME RIGHT?! I know I have the best mum. <3

Homemake Yong Tau Foo

Basically we just throw whatever we want and cook them together! Kinda like 'steamboat' style! HAHA! The soup was so sweeet~ Thanks to sweet-corns and black beans! Yummy yummy! Mum also cooked another fish soup, meant to strengthen my health. 

Our dinner was souperlicious.

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