Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Taste of sweetness

My results may not be the best in many's eyes, but I'm so happy with it! Yes, this is my best semester of all!!!! Next sem gonna work harder!!!


I'm still feeling freaking EXCITED!

This devil as a reward would be pretty good.

Oh! I tend to get weird dreams before results! (nervousness?) 

It's like so real! I dreamed that till afternoon today, I have yet to received my results! I was like checking my phone and refreshing the website every min, totally panicking. HAHA! After I woke up, I checked the time immediately, cox it's really so real! Scared to the max!:X 

Had another dream too ( rare for me :X) In the dream I was crying like mad. Cried the whole day, cried at every single thing la! JUST CRY CRY CRY CRY. I woke up feeling so freaking SHAGGED! Seriously can't stand that lirong in the dream, I even feel irritated by 'myself', so much tears. *roll eyes* 

Feel so silly for both dreams! HAHA! Especially the last one. sleeping is meant for me to recharge my energy, but I felt so shagged after that dream. LOL! 

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