Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where is the limit?

Did you have tangyuan today? HAHA! It's DONG ZHI! One of my favourite day of the year! A chinese tradition to have glutinous rice balls with your family member, signifies reunion? Not very sure about the custom, I'm only concern that I'm gonna have lot of red bean tangyuan~ wheeeeeeeeee!

Peanut, red bean tangyuan in soya milk

Have been pestering my mummy since NOV, asking her when is 'dong zhi' so that we can have riceballs. LOL! 

Had tangyuan for both breakfast and lunch! We bought 60 tangyuans for a family of 4. LOL! Me alone swallowed 30 of it! No surprise since my addiction to red bean and riceballs. :P Mum didn't stop me too, since my stomach is doing much better. GREAT! :D 

Spent the afternoon looking searching for modules and my 21st party! Great news! I got full support cum sponsorship from my parents! Initially didn't want to spend their money (just want a simple simple one), but my dad said since I'm going to organize one why not make it a good one then. :/ I think I'll still stick to a simple party. LOL! 

I'm cooking dinner everyday for my family. Usually just a simple meal of soup and 2 side dishes with rice. But this 2 days my mum has been feeling really down (relatives of cox, AGAIN!), decided to cook something that she likes! (Of cox I also must like! haha!):D 

Yam & pumpkin rice

Seafood soup


Oh! Lately I have been very religious!

Religiously applying masks to my face!:D

Masks do wonders! I really feel that my skin condition has improved! Shouldn't have been so lazy in the past! Time for another mask tonight~

“No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.”
Taylor Swift


  1. omg. i have been buying lots of masks too. HAHAHAA!

  2. HAHAHAHA!! Omg! I didn't know you will do mask!

  3. HAHAHAH EH I LIKE LEH! watch my shows with masks on. i'm still a girl :) hahahaha