Monday, December 20, 2010

What awaits me tml?

OMG! tml is 21 Dec?! Like so so fast! Meaning holiday gonna end in no time. T.T

This few days have been considering if I wanna have a 21st Party. Mum says I should have a simple one just for close friends and relatives. Well, I guess so? I don't think I have the energy to plan one like tingx's party. LOL! Then again, I may not have a party, cox the locations that I'm looking at are all fully booked in March! WTH!

Conclusion: Party is on IF I get a location. :) 

15.12.10, Wed

Meet up with Qiao to visit my ah ma! Bought Jollipancake and Youtiao for her too. =) 

Confession: Jollibean was bought for my own interest. LOL! But I didn't eat all 3! Peanut not my type so was given to my ah ma. Hehehe. :D 

My ah ma very cute! Loves youtiao a lot lot, but she is used to a very thrifty life, always don't bear to buy (only $0.80!) Then when I buy for her, of cox she likes but she will 'scold' me that I should save the money and buy food for myself. My ah ma is just like that, always think of others before self. Must learn from her! :D

16.12.10, Thurs 

Had a mini Xmas celebration with the girls, Juyin, Hidaya and Tingx. :) Went for a movie first~ 

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Poster

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Was better than I've expected! Prince Caspian has grew hotter. LOL! But really can't stand their accent. haha! We bought the lunch time slots, so food was smuggled in! hehe!:D I was early so helped to buy food for them. Feel as if I'm going for a picnic instead! HAHA! There were Long John Silver, Sushi, Burger king, Waffles and... 


Already full after 4 pieces but don't feel like wasting food nor keeping so forced it down my throat. :X Luckily it's my favorite redbean pancake! :P

After that when shopping + eat + laugh + talk + gift exchange~ 

The present I bought

I got Tingx's present! <3

 Juyin got mine!

From hidaya!:)

From Juyin~

So fun!:D

Another piece of Jollipancake! :D

A total of 7 redbean pancake for the day! Damn shiok, happy, AWESOME! Told my Dad and got scolded. =.= He made me drink one whole bowl of fish soup for dinner as 'punishment' LOL! :P 

17.12.10, Fri

Medical Appointment again! :< Had lunch with mummy at Tanjong Pagar FC first. We didn't plan to eat there but somehow while walking we landed at Tanjong Pagar Plaza! We were delighted! Hehe, cox both mummy and I like FC! =) So many many many famous food stalls~ Don't know what to order. HAHA! I think I counted at least 4 stalls selling Wanton Noodles that have long queues! Actually almost every stalls have long 'human chains' Lunch time, so no choice we have to join the queues. :(

Mum's fried fish bee hoon, $3.

LIKE! The soup was really rich but not too milky too which mum and I dislikes, bee hoon was smooth! No wonder the queue. =) 

My Yong Tau Foo, $3.

I was expecting a lot, cox there were 19 people infront of me. T.T In the end, I find it very normal leh. :X 5 items for $3, I rather go to a food court and spend a bit more for a much larger bowl! Apparently ieatishootipost kinda recommend this stall, Rong Xing Cooked Food Stall: Take a Queue Number and Relak one Corner! Oh well, different taste and preference! :)

After appointment went for my final xmas present shopping! Finally gotten all the presents, but spent near $200 too! T.T The bulk was on my family of course. :X Haha. Gonna go on a bread and water diet! T.T

Done with shopping, travelled to Tampines for GORGON's Xmas Party at Charmaine's place! Was a potluck session so Han Yi, Wei Xiong, Avril and I shared to get log cake, black pepper chicken, bee hoon and mee. 


Instead of having mee and bee hoon, I ate lots of the cookies on the table! Very nice! Was baked by Yee Ning's mum! OMG! Wish I can bake! But I think if I can bake, my meals everyday would be all these junks! LOL! So love~ <3 

Black Forest Log Cake~ 

After dinner I immediately ask for dessert! :X What I have been long waiting for! haha! SHIOK SHIOK! 

Have gift exchange also. The cap was $10, but most of us went above it. :X It's ok~ Once a year!:D I got Peijun's present and mine was given to Avril! 


I remembered wanting to learn driving this holiday, not done. :(
I should have planned a overseas trip with my family this holiday, wasted. :(
I shall continue the search for a party venue, continue with more xmas parties and continue to slack as the days go by~ 


Note to self: Silent phone before bed tonight. 

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  1. HAHAHHAH YOUR DAD SO FUNNY! one bowl of fish soup as punishment!!!!