Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Lunar New Year

Chinese New Year has a whole new meaning to me now.

When I was young, I love CNY because it was the opportunity when all the cousins can get together and PLAY! Simply just gather.:) Everyday we would gather at either one of our homes and just PLAY and have FUN!

Yes, life was so simple back then. I love it really and miss those days very much! :

But that was back then, when we were still young and innocent? Haha..

As we get older, things changed. Due to the complications of the adult relationship and things, we started to divert. The people gathering each year becomes lesser and lesser.:( the atmosphere becomes colder and colder. :/

Now, I still look forward to CNY because I get to spend time with the family. :) Just the 4 of us. Simple yet sweet. I guess I'm tired/disappointed with all the complications from the relative side. I just want a simple celebration with my family.

Nonetheless, I'm still looking forward to this festive! But with a different anticipation now!:)

Though, we wouldn't be hosting any people to our house this year (unlikely), but we still bought lots of goodies! Especially steamboat materials! It's more than enough for us to have steamboats for the whole month! Lol! Crazy right?! Haha! Cox we see, we like, we buy! Thus, thr whole fridge is spaceless now! :X

I hope I gain some weight after the new year!

Meanwhile~ enjoy the mini holiday people!

Time to feast!:D

Happy Chinese New Year 兔 you! <3

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