Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Over and over, again and again

Chinese New Year is over. :( No more celebration, it's back to reality! :< BOO!

Reality sux! I have 2 CAs next week and 2 lab reports due this month I think. Ya, it's like dropping from heaven to hell. DAMN! T.T


I know I shall be fighting with my pen and paper now, but I just want to type down my memories of CNY 2011 before it's gone!


Hmm.. I think this year's CNY is like one the most awesome one in years! This proves to me again that as long as we make an effort, things will eventually turn out good! So don't give up! :)

.New Year Eve. 

1. Help to clean up the house a bit again :X

2. Went out to buy even more food! :D

3. Of course there is reunion dinner! :)

Pen Cai

Yes just one homemade PEN CAI for our reunion dinner this year! Simple yet delicious one! :)

Pen Cai normally has 3 main layers: 
Bottom - vegetables. We had broccoli, Chinese cabbage, baby corn, pumpkin, yam and snow peas.

Middle - seafood and meat. We bought roasted pork from the market to add in and also had prawns, mushrooms, sliced fish, fish maws and

Top - precious. The most exciting layer! Haha! We had abalones, scallops and sea cucumbers! 

We actually followed a recipe online and the taste is magnificent! The photo did not do it justice though, cox we didn't arrange the dish nicely, it ought to look more bright and colorful! HAHA! I miss the taste~ 

A once a year indulge. :)

4. Mahjong-ed with family till 2am! I WAS THE BIG WINNER! :D :D :D

.New Year Day 1.

1. Eat Mee Sua every year for breakfast, represents longevity bah? 

2. Camwhored with family~ HAHAHAHA! Actually I kinda force them to take photo with me :X

Sweet right? Awww~

LOVE! But must teach my brother how to smile. :X

Thank you daddy and mummy for loving me so so much! :)

3. Went Da Jiu's house to Bai Nian cum his House Warming!

Tsk.. reach liao immediately form the table. LOL!

Buffet lunch~

Since was also house warming too, was easier to have buffet than steamboat. Either way, me loves both! :D

4. Went back home to have our own dinner.

 Steamboat~ I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH! :D

This tepenyyaki steamboat only appeared once throughout CNY cox it's so difficult to clean it! And we smell of BBQ. :< Though it's nice to enjoy BBQ food too! 

5. Mahjong again till 3am! I WAS THE WINNER AGAIN! In fact I think I owned them all! LOL!

.New Year Day 2.

1. New Year goodies as breakfast, if not seriously can't finish them all. :X 

2. Must camwhore again~

Mummy! Why you didn't pass down ur 'slim-face-gene' to me?! :< 

I got my daddy's face shape instead. T.T 


3. Qiaoling and Meiling came over to my house to Bai Nian.

She tied the hair for me! <3

4. Headed to Da Jiu's place again. 

Quote from CH: I know his house very big and nice also don't need everyday go ma. LOL!

Gamble tables formed again

Yea, very big place.

Me, Ah ma, Mummy + extra Chuan Qiang. =.=

Buffet lunch~

5. Went to Meiling's house to Bai Nian

First time to their new place. Damn big and nice! :D

6. Back home for dinner with family~ <3 Our cozy and warm place! :)

 Steamboat again~

Never can get sick of it hor? :D

7. Always ends the day with Mahjong. Guess what? I won again! REALLY NEVER BLUFF! I think This CNY was my luck period! Should by lottery huh? Haha!

.New Year Day 3.

1. I was a wonder-girl for the day. Why? 

- My mum wasn't at home and we didn't expect anyone to come our house to Bai Nian.

- Suddenly all my cousion came over to my place! Without warning! LOL! So u can imagine me pinning up my hair and a super big top over a fbt to greet my relatives. HAHAHAHA! 

- Since mum's not over, I have to help to entertain them. Prepared 5 steamboats all by myself just for that day! :O MADNESS!

1st for Daddy and Er Jie's family who arrived first @ 12pm. 

2nd for brother and I @ 2pm.

This whole pot was finished solely by my brother and I only. Steamboat lovers, we are. :)

3rd for Qiao Ling and company @ 3pm.

4th for Cui Hua and BF @ 4pm.

5th for dinner with family @ 7pm. 

I was a good host for the day. Actually I kinda like to make food for people, I like to see the happy and satisfied looks on their faces! :)

2. Of course took photos too! Though I look like some auntie! :X

'Kidnapped' my cousin's 2 kids to camwhore! Xuanxuan and Enen! They like my brother more. T.T

Qiao totally fail! No chemistry! Haha!

Mahjong-ed with CuiHua and BF! 

My dad: Must take photo again ar? LOL!

Bro: I don't want to take photo~ LOL!

PS: I have to change my top cox I'm a busy woman in the kitchen! LOL! 

3. Never failed to mahjong to end the day~ Declare winning party as LIRONG! muhahahaha!!! 4 days in a row! :D

.New Year Day 4.

1. My cousin's baby, Jayan's 1st mth bday celebration!:D

Cute or what?! OMG~~~

Looking at Jayan, Xuanxuan and Enen makes me wanna have a baby too! LOL! Joking joking. HAHA! 

Arrival of GOH. LOL!

Xuanxuan totally ignored everyone else except his game in iphone. Bad boy! 

Buffet lunch again~

Steamboat dinner~

.New Year Day 5.

Monday = No school day! Wheee~ Extra holiday!:)

Went to Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe @ Northpoint to have farewell dinner with Bernice. She is leaving for Australia this Sat. :( 

I think most of them kinda couldn't recognise me. Keep hearing 'so skinny, eat more, where is ur new boyfriend' LOL! 

Mirror Image! <3

<3 always

Girl Guides unites! :)

Girls! <3

Forgotten about a group photo with the guys! :< Wasted! 

Associated Mushroom Congee

OMG! NICE! I drained the soup dry~ LOL! Like this better than the Eel version! :) 


Most frequent question: 
Lirong! Why r u so skinny?!!!
 Lirong! Where is ur boyfriend?
 Lirong, why never bring your boyfriend? 
Lirong! Got boyfriend a not (me: No.) Don't lie! 

I think many of you face the similar questions right? Adults ar! LOL! 

Best game:
Monopoly deal!

PS: My mum asked me the same old question every morning. 'Did you gained weight?' 

Did I? 


If fact, my doctor say I look skinner today. :/ But I never lose weight also la, so still ok. But really very curious. How can the food just vanish/disappear inside the body? It didn't reflect on the scale nor did it gets passed out. So where did all the food goes?! 

Nevermind. LOL!

I will miss CNY'11 a lot. Full of fun and memories! I like! <3

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