Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Harvesting fungi in 3 months time

Have been waiting forever and finally the day has come! :') 3 MONTHS OFF FROM STUDYING~



lol! Ok, super exaggerating. But I bet you understand that kind of excitement too. :) YAY! 3 cheers!!! WHOOHOO!

So you can't blame me for not updating. I WAS mugging, most of the time I am. :X Also, tweeting is so much easier than blogging! I'm accumulating 3000 tweets soon =.= in less than a year. This is an addiction. LOL! So you see, an iphone with data plan is enough to kill me. :X

Caught Arthur with the girls after the movie~ We sneaked in food again! Haha! How about some KFC, Burger King and Long John Silver? Hehe! :D

The movie was really super FUNNY! LOL! Kinda like it, especially for post-exam mood! :D But towards the end it was kinda touching. :'( You know I really can't imagine losing my family. NONONONONO! :<

Came home and mummy was making my favorite snack!

Sugar rush lunch. :X  (Taken with instagram)

Very simple, just glutinous flour + rice flour + sugar then steam. AWESOMELY SWEET!

My mum used 1KG of sugar to make. OMG RIGHT! Now then I realise how much sugar I'm taking in! Like really quite scary. No wonder the sweetness! :X Oh well.. Diabetes can wait. :P Love it when it is served hot! Soft, sweet and supple~ wheeeee~

Quite excited about tml~ the girls are coming over to my house for sleepover~ :D And I'll be seeing their facings for the next 6 days at least! We gonna fall in love with each other. LOL! EXCITED EXCITED EXCITED! *sing&dance*


At bit sad that I'm be missing out on GE. I want to see the revealing of results~ Oh well.. haha! 

Hmm, personal opinion, I feel that this year's election is especially violent? In terms of verbal violent from the oppositions. I mean it is also the only way that they can do to get the people's attention right? :/ But I can't help rolling my eyes at those people who are so easily stirred by the oppositions. I mean don't you feel like a puppet? Your emotions are totally being manipulated by THEM. THEY are just trying to stir shit every 5 years la. :X I followed the news everyday and it's always a joke to read some of THEIR comments. You think this kind of people can be government? 0.o Oh well, personal opinion. I do not shy to say that I'm pro-government. No one is perfect. 

I think she made some sensible points. :) 

Ok, I'm gonna go MIA for quite a while. TILL THEN~ 

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