Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Secret garden

Whenever I watch a new drama, I'll always feel love again. No surprise with Secret Garden too! ^^

My new love, Hyun Bin Oppa!

Love his dimples! So cute! <3


Ok, Lirong enough enough! K-drama makes their actor too perfect to be true! Love the way they portray their character! 

-a thin bit arrogant

Basically, just too prefect to be true. :X 


I set a record for myself today. I finished 2 bowls of porridge within 10mins! If you know me, you prolly knows that I eat like a snail. :X But mummy's pumpkin w scallop porridge is just too yummy for me to slowly enjoy it! I DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER TO TAKE A PHOTO! Just eat! :X Awesome! <3 

Then we when shopping~ Bought a dress, necklace, pair of flats, cosmetics AND 2 BAGS! I know I know! BAGS AGAIN! Mummy keep telling me not to buy, but I really like leh! :X Ok, 5 new bags yet to carry. :P Also, we bought a lot of baking ingredients! YAY! Time to start baking! Hoho! 


Tom Yum Soup

Cooked this with mummy yesterday for dinner! Super awesome! I think we did a better job than those we had outside! It took 4 bowls of those to finish the amount that we cooked. Our stomaches were very happy~


14thMay, Sat

Finally time to blog about Jeff aka Biao ge's 23rd birthday party~ Ya, 23rd not 21st. Cox he's leaving for UK soon, thus it's sort of a farewell party too. 

Happy advance birthday dear cousin!

Most expensive catering ever had. Western style and not the usual Asia-buffet. 

I love the spinach ball! OMG IT WAS SO LOVE! Attacked many many of them with cousins. :X

American carrot cake, first time trying. I like! I don't really enjoy creamy cakes. :X Also the normal almond & peach cocktail. 

There's also a free flow of juices/soft drinks/wine/beer going on. Water tank, we are! Qiao was our waitress by serving us drinks from the bar. Hehe. I think I ate and drank a lot that night, thanks to work for draining all my energy. :X

No programme after dinner. Therefore we entertained ourselves by camwhoring~

and also enjoyed ourselves by watching the process of dunking! hahahahaha!

The power ranger birthday cake!

It brought back a lot of our childhood memories! Rmb the days when we will always sit together and watch power rangers tapes! Yes, it was still tapes back then! We would then pretend to be power rangers! Hehe!

white ranger: Sun Qiang
yellow ranger: Qiao Ling
Red ranger: Jeff
Blue ranger: Chuan Qiang
Black ranger: Jin Long
Pink ranger: Me!

Childhood childhood~ I miss u!!!

Glad I could make it for the party! ^^

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