Monday, June 13, 2011

Advanced Fathers' Day Celebration~

Had Momiji Japanese Buffet @ poMo. This also marked my 6th buffet this year. Nice, one buffet per month. :D Had a tough time choosing the venue to dine this time round. I wanted to have Jap, but dad didn't want. :< So Suki Sushi is out of the way~ Bro suggested Jushinjung, but mama didn't want! T.T We are all kinda sick of hotpot and hotpots. Finally after 2 days of research! I decided on Momiji! $30 snowcrab international buffet! Sort of compensate our loss on the crab & durian buffet that we missed! haha!

Kinda of heavily loaded with pictures! Here we go!

Basically it is a inbetween Sakura and Kiseki, so is the price. $30/pax. Cheap cheap for the food and service served considering it is a weekend dinner buffet. 

Here goes our food spamming! 

Finally done with the food~ total was only $100! The person gave me a discount, suppose to be $120! LOL! I think we definitely put the 100 bucks to good use. HAHA!

Can you believe this is not even all the food we have eaten. Didn't snap any snowcrabs, cox everyone were grabbing them as if it's a life or death matter. =.= Decided not to join in the madness. Didn't post many of the repetition too, except for some that I really love, like mochi! .xoxo. 


I know right! Instagram is so pretty! I look like I'm having make-up right? No! It's a naked face!

So happy to have a good skin and hair night~ Hehe! Ok, I'm sounding bimbo~ LOL!

Daddy love love you! .xoxo.

Really glad we chosen Momiji over Kiseki in the end! The food was good and the service was even better! 

Top 10 reasons to go back to Momiji again:

1. Wide spread of food as you can see! Definitely have to go for the seafood! Fat prawns, snowcrabs, oysters, scallops, sashimi etc. 

2. Love their paper hotpot! We use it to cook much of their raw seafood. LOL!

3. You have to try their grilled hotplates! Especially the grilled salmon and tofu! The sauce is awesome!

4. Another must must try is their grilled salmon fish head! Be prepared it will be gone within seconds! Definitely worth the $.

5. Go and the grilled food! 

6. Mochi of cox!

7. Do I need to say about the fondue fountain? Ppl were basically standing there and have their fondues. LOL!

8. Cakes and eclair! Do I need to say more? ^^

9. More than 15 types of drinks! 

10. Really good service, plus the manager gave me a 10% discount and a $10 voucher! Of cox I'll return to make use of it! ^^ 

Basically try everything! You will be surprised! ^^ At least I'm! But the problem is I ate way too much. Have never been so full all of my life! Full till I can't even swallow any water. :< Blame my greediness. I swallowed 23 mochi and all the different cakes at one go and became so BLOATED! Oh well, at least if I die of bloated-ness, I'll be a full and happy ghost. ^^

Filming tml, I'll afraid I can't fit in my super tight bandage skirt cox I'm feeling very fat now. LOL!

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