Sunday, July 24, 2011

Feeling guilty

I'm feeling super unwell now. Feeling very giddy from my way over sugar rush due to durian. I dumped 5kg of durian in my stomach tonight alone. I feel insane. I feel sick now. :< Most importantly I feel guilty. Not just that I'm actually further destroying my digestive system. I'm also wasting food. Yes. I'm wasting food. It suddenly occurs to me that while I'm stupidly stuffing myself to death, every seconds there are ppl in the third world that are die-ing from hunger. Suddenly I feel like a selfish bitch. T.T

Really ate too much durian today.

First round of durian for today! ^^ (Taken with instagram)

One round of red prawns in the afternoon with mummy. 'red prawns' cox the fresh is actually red!

Sec round now! We r insane! Lol! (Taken with instagram)

More durians for supper. 

The amt of durian we disposed everynight. :X (Taken with instagram)

Every night we threw away these amount of shells. :X 

Ok, I'm still feeling very guilty. I shall vote to enjoy food and not silly-ly eat myself to death! I'M NOT GOING TO WASTE FOOD ANYTHING! I SHALL APPRECIATE FOOD! Lirong pls learn to control yourself! It's not funny to have indigestion. The feeling of over-eating really sux~ 


The 'punishment' for being such a greed! I got cut by durian. I didn't realise until mummy told me. That focused on eating. =.=

CONTROL IS THE LESSON FOR TODAY! Omg.. I'm still very giddy and my throat is hurting more too. :< Lirong serve u right! You greedy pig! >:( 

Note: I'm not saying 'I'm not eating durian anymore' I'M STILL GONNA EAT DURAIN! Hahah! But with more control. Eating 5kg of durian fresh is no joke. Normally after a buffet I weigh at more 3kg more. I don't know how I even managed 5 freaking kilo! I want to gain weight but in a healthy manner too. :X


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