Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is this life?

Hello! I'm here to grumble! :'( 

I seriously have not mugged so hard in my entire NUS life before! I think half of my recess week was spent mugging. What life I got here right? It's like I'm studying for a major examination instead of mid term! 

I guess this is the difference to be in year 3? 

Seriously, this feeling kinda freak me out, I can't imagine another year which is gonna be way worse than this cox I'll be dealing with my most hate LAB WORK! Am I up to the challenge for FYP? I seriously hate lab work. :( 

Anyways.. finally had my first paper today, pharmacology. It was supposed to be 24 questions only and turned out to be 96! 


Cox each qns there are like 4 sub questions! WTH right?! 

Btw it's all T/F qns which are made to kill you. OH! With negative markings too! and they only told us when we were about to start the paper. =.=


They have to tell us the answers at the end of the paper! 

Ok.. I did fine I guess? 

2nd paper of the paper was a lab paper. Kinda simple so shall not grumble. LOL! 

Anyway had the most adventurous lab today! It was at a building called DSO in NUS. 

Like damn strict the security! 

1. No using of Hp
2. Lift with no floor buttons, meaning you go whatever floor the lift is designated. 
3. You can't even stay at the lobby alone a min w/o their ppl checking on you.  

Why so strict right? In the end I realized it was a research building on military thingy. No wonder! :x Kinda cool right? I started to imagine myself as a secret agent in some highly secured building! 

Ok, so this is my eye-opening experience for today. :/

1. Cardio CA
2. Immuno CA
3. Cardio assignment
4. F&H assignment
5. Planet earth assignment

By the time all these are done(prolly more to add more), it's time for the real deal. The final exam. Do I even have time to breathe? 


It all started with this song. 

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