Sunday, October 2, 2011

2nd year anniversary!

Hello 1st October is no longer CHILDREN'S DAY!!!

Feel kinda sad about this. :(

Oh wellsss. :(

Anyway rmb I submitted a mooncake recipe last month? :D

Yay it got accepted into the  Aspiring Bakers #11: Mid-Autumn Treats (September 2011)

You can head over to for other awesome mooncake recipes (mine is under the snowskin category)! Maybe to get prepared for next year?


Yups yups, so anyway earlier today yesterday had a relaxing-sinful-enjoyable-slacking-session with gambits at Marina Barrage. :)

It's amazing how time flies. 

Here we are celebrating Gambit's Aug cum Sept babies' birthdays for the third time! 

This time we did it differently by heading to Marina Barrage instead of just the usual dinner together! :)

Each person had to prepare an item. I wanted to bake something! But really too caught up with work. :(

Just nice I had a pack of agar agar at home! :)

Some of the food from the early birds~

Paula's donuts!! yum yum! I think I tried 8 flavors from here, we passed around to share~ 
Spread the love. LOl! 

Hussein is so brilliant right?! A whole bucket of garrett popcorn!! 

The birthday cake from Awfully Chocolate! <3 

Must post this! Hdaya's bake! We could get diabetes from these. LOL! 

A few of us were like damn early? Reached like 3.30pm. Killed time under the hot sun by snacking and monopoly deal~ 

So afraid that the cake might melt. :X

G-O-H aka HIDAYA arrived at passed 530pm! 

Great day away from the notes! :)

Was saying that our F&H prof might faint if she knows how much calories we were taking in from all these food. 


Happy 2nd year anniversary GAMBITS! <3 

I like the coincidence that during our first celebration, 2009, we went to breeks to dine then headed to barrage to chill. Same time, 2010, we went back to breeks for our 1st year anniversary. Finally today, 2011, we came back to barrage totally unintentionally! It's like everything is planned and linked by destiny? 



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