Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Children's Day!

Hello! it's CHILDREN'S DAY! Yet I'm working my ass off on cardiac contractility at this unholy hour. So much for sleeping before 1am. It never gonna happen. :( 

Anyway, brother gave mum and I a major heart attract today! I think my sympathetic output was like damn high that I discharged noradrenaline and adrenaline like water. Poor cardiac muscles must have over-worked to get that extra amount of cardiac output circulated in the blood. 


Did I educate you a bit on our lovable heart? :p

Ya, so brother gave us an heart attack because he said he was going for a run at 430pm around, his usual sengkang to punggol route. But by 730pm he still wasn't back home!!! I ran the route with him before and knew well that it took at most an hour a little to complete! 

So mum and I were mad worried can? The route was kinda deserted with minimal human traffic and it was late. Anything can happen to him! :( I was like so angry with myself! I should have joined him for the run! I shouldn't let him go alone! Cox usually I will jog with him (I was lazy). It will be my fault if anything happen to him. :'(

Finally we went out to look for him after a good 2hrs+ of waiting. While heading towards the park connector, I saw 2 policeman walking in my direction. I was like SHIT! Don't tell me..... like millions of scenarios were playing in my mind. :( 

But! phew! I spotted my brother heading back from far! OMG! I never felt so happy seeing my little brother!!! :') 

He told us the park connector got expanded so the distant was much much longer that's why he ran like 2 hrs+. 

OMG RIGHT?!2hrs of running! I didn't know my brother can manage that. :/ 

Anyway mum and I were so glad that boy boy came home safe and sound and a bag a new running record for himself. 2HRS OF RUNNING! :O :O :O

Jie Jie is proud.

Anyway I was thinking the 2 policeman must think that I'm quite suspicious becox I must have turned pale when I saw them. HAHAHAHAHA!! 

Ok, end of my joke of the day.

Bye! Got 2 more essays to complete! 


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