Monday, December 26, 2011

Gambit @ F.I.S.H

Celebrated Boxing Day with GAMBIT today. Haha! Just joking, we were celebrating the NOV + DEC babies' birthdays! :) 

F.I.S.H, part of Fish & Co. 

Honestly, the salad buffet is the only thing special here. Their mains were horrible from my two visits there. :/

They have quite a good spread of salad. Enough to make you full from them! 

I was still very full from breakfast, so I thought at most I'll just eat a few plates of the salad. 

Polished 8 plates in the end. Ate because I want to keep my mouth moving not because I'm very hungry or it was super delicious, just wanna munch on something.  

Bad habit! :<

Anyway this chocolate cake is really AWESOME! 

Twinnie! <3

Haha! I like this photo! :D

Babies! :D


Wanted to camwhore, but today's face like a fat! Must be the lack of sleep. *insert curse*

Anyways, my body feels really tired easily these days. :( Too much energy use to digest the food I ate? :/


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