Sunday, December 25, 2011

Xmas @ Sakura Charcoal Grilled & Shabu Shabu

Merry Christmas to all! Gonna be a lengthy post like tons of photos! :P This happens when Lirong goes for buffet. Haha! 

Reserved this special occasion for the family. <3 We celebrated the festive like all others by buffeting! :D I chose Sakura Charcoal Grilled & Shabu Shabu, which brother and I discovered sometime back while we were exploring the Sengkang-Punggol park connector. 

Bare face. 

10 mins later! Make-up does magic.

I secretly hope one day I'm be celebrating a white Christmas. :)

The mirror seriously needs to be wiped. :/

Mummy was like 'another new dress?' (I have been wearing new outfits for all our dining. lol.) What she doesn't know is I still have 2 new dresses waiting in the queue and 3 newly bought awaiting shipping! 


Wall of <3 

My Christmas gift for the parents! ^^ 

Love this candid shot!

Dragged them to camwhore after we got dressed. 

Finally we made our way to the place! :D 

It's a really huge place! This section is only like 1/5 of the whole place! Pathetically this is also the only section filled by customers. Must be Marine Country Club is super ulu! Near my house though! Haha! 

Charcoal grilled and steamboat! Plus appetizer, cooked food, sushi, tempura, ice cream, desserts, fruits and free flow of drinks. 

All for the price of $26 (weekend price) Great steal! 

The carnivores, I definitely recommend this place to you! 

Meat ranges from beef, lamb, chicken, pork to even duck, which is really rare to see in buffet spread. Anyways for each types of meat there are different parts of the animal and different marination. Definitely won't run out of meat to try! 

Not forgetting satay too! 

Seafood like salmon, dory fish and other fishes plus scallops, octopus, prawns, mussels, oysters and other shellfishes. 

The fire can get really scary. :/ Especially with the strong sea breeze! (The restaurant is just beside Punggol beach)

This is what can happen to the food. =.=

Definitely a very meaty day for us!

Not forgetting steamboat which I totally adore! <3 

So happy to spammed it with lots of balls and what not! :D 


In the end I had to finish the whole thing by myself! *instant karma for being too greedy*
HOW I KNOW THE FAMILY DIDN'T WANT TO EAT STEAMBOAT?! They were only interested in the BBQ. =.= 

I took 4 portions and more for all the ingredients. Luckily I love steamboat and have a gigantic stomach capacity. 


Went for a second round of steamboat. lol!

I'm the only one in the family who appreciates appetizers and sushi. 

And gave face to the cooked food and tempura.  

Strongly recommend the fried hong kong mee and braised pork belly! *thumbs up to them*

The many different types of sauces, which is what I need for steamboat! :D

Lirong will forever reserve space for desserts. 

I call this the 'tasting' plate. Took whatever available and go only for those that are worth trying later. Definitely the DURIAN PUFFS AND ECLAIRS! Think I spammed at least 3/4 plates of them? LOL!

My brother, also the ice-cream monster. The 12 different types of ice cream was like heaven to him. 

Strongly recommend the peppermint, rum & raisin ice cream, lime and mango sorbet. 

We were their first few customers and also their last few ones. lol! 3 good hours of feasting! :D 

Sometimes I wish I could travel into my stomach and see what's inside there. How can a person of my size have such an elephant appetite? 

No much camwhoring over there because it was freaking windy and all the eating made my face like super FAT! 

So I forced the family to camwhore with me. haha!

Just look at their reluctant face! LOL!

No photos with mummy because.. 

She's a pig. 

Daddy tried to disturb her and.. got whacked! 

I LOL-ed!!! *evil* :P

So mummy continued to sleep while the brother went to play his games and daddy watched his movies. Everyone have something to do, EXCEPT me! :< 

No one to camwhore with me when my camwhoring mood was totally on. T.T

So I entertained myself. Self-timer is a very good invention for loners.


I got bored of the wall. 

Continues camwhoring anyhows and did some editing. 'Mei Tu Xiu Xiu' that I'm using anyways. 

I think I spammed like 50+ photos? :P

Sigh.. why mummy didn't give me a sister or a vain brother to camwhore with? :( 


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