Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Final year project

I know I'm not even done with my year 3 but I'm already searching for my FYP. Hahaha! But I guess it's a normal. :/ 

So anyways the monster FYP! I got my project from the pharmacology department! :) Coincidentally Dr Sethi was also one of my lecturers from LSM3211! Felt that I was lucky to have him. At least I know Dr Sethi and he's really nice! :D Kinda a good sign for FYP now? :/ Hopefully! HAHA!

The project that I'll be working on:

NF-kB is an inducible and ubiquitously expressed transcription factor involved in cell survival, adhesion, inflammation, and differentiation. Genes that are regulated by nuclear factor NF-kB have been shown to suppress apoptosis and induce inflammation, tumor proliferation, invasion, angiogenesis and metastasis. NF-kB is over-expressed in most cancers and is responsible for the transcription of various genes involved in initiation, promotion, and perpetuation of cancer. Further, this factor is activated by most cancer treatment modalities and mediates treatment resistance. Hence, the drugs that can suppress NF-kB activation have a great potential as effective therapeutics for treatment of various cancers. We are therefore interested in investigating the following four major aims:
1.   Mechanism (s) of activation of transcription factor NF-kB by carcinogens and inflammatory agents.
2.   Why tumor cells express constitutive active NF-kB and how does mediate tumor cell proliferation?
3.   Identification of novel compounds that can suppress NF-kB activation.
4.   Use of these compounds to overcome chemoresistance and radioresistance.

Basically is on cancer pharmacology which is my interest and my focus in year 4 modules too! :D But it's a bit more towards MCB than BMS I feel. :/ Wanted to find a project on food&nutrition initially but Aik Xin got it first! rarhs! I also wanted to do on Immunology. LOL! Actually I don't want to work on them in lab (dislike labs), I'm just interested in the topic itself. hahahaha! Hopefully I survive it! Dr Sethi please be nice to me! 

Anyways was supposed to have dinner tonight with the LSM, but the guys all last minute couldn't make it. =.= So we had mass conversation online instead. Been long since I have a mass conversation! Totally laughed till I have stomachache that type! LOL! Actually these people damn evil! I like though! HAHAHA! Still chatting. :P


Crunchy peanut rolls! 

I starting to fall in love with peanuts now. :D 

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