Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012's first feast

First feast of the year. Took me the whole weekend to prepare this for the family! It was a 'running man' weekend for me! HAHA! So busy! :X

Last year (lol) 31/12/11: 

1) Drove dad to work. (his car broke down)
2) Back home to sleep again.

1) Lunched then made 2 whole boxes of wanton and dumplings.

1) Drove daddy to pick up his car.
2) Drove brother and I to AMK Hub to get steamboat items, we were in a hurry to reach home in 30mins time since mummy has no key for the door. (the rushing round the huge Fairprice Xtra to get all the items was when I felt like I was in a mission! And I speed to get home before mummy :P haha!) 

1) Unload items and prepare the last meal of 2011,

1) Countdown with beautiful FIREWORK! <3 
2) Running man before dropping dead.

First day of 2012, 01/01/12:

1) Woke up with a sorethroat. Think I screamed too much during countdown. :(
2)  Drove brother and I to Yishun wet market to get more items for steamboat (I freaking love yishun! Finally get to see so many people! lol!) Mad rush again because I woke up at 1030 and wet market closes early! Had no choice but to speed down to yishun. :X I think my brother quite use to me speeding now, he was like 'jie jie so cool' LOL! 

1) Lunched and started to prepare, wash, cut and marinate the items for the night

Lean meat, fried fish maw, sliced fishes and prawns, pork belly and wu hua rou (five flower meat? lol.)

Fish dumplings, pork dumplings (made by me) and a mixture of steamboat items ( a total of 15 different kinds here! My favourite of all! :D )

Sparkling wine, fungi and a mixture of vegetable. 

A total of $143 on these, sponsored by the parents! Brother and I were given the task to buy whatever we want to have! :D Not all the items were in of course, I roughly estimated the amount we could finish and I was right! All gone except the vegetable! lol! Like half untouched? :/ 

2) First bake of the year

Low fat banana cake recipe

Ugly cake because of the unreliable toaster oven. :( Upset~ I promise the photo did not do justice. 


Feasting time! :D 

Everyone like more interested in the teppanyaki! HAHAHA! 

Nomnomnom.. All busy with the food.. 

Except mummy, the leecher who waits for food to be served to her bowl! lol! 

See! So busy the whole weekend right? The night is probably the only time I could finally sit down and watch RUNNING MAN! :D But was worth it to let the family enjoy a lovely feast right at home. :)

January gonna be the month of steamboating for my family, starting from tonight's dinner! Will be hard for me to keep to my New Year Resolution. :/ But proud to say that tonight I did not overeat! Probably just 150% full not 200%. lol! Good job Lirong! :D 

Ok, going back to my  RUNNING MAN!  Even my brother is addicted now! :P BYE! <3 

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