Thursday, January 5, 2012

First drive to school

Finally drove myself to NUS today to meet Prof to discuss about my FYP. One hell of an experience! Took like 25mins to reach school, considered short compared to MRT. But I went through so much during this period! I was like 'omg I'm finally in school' when I stepped out of the car. LOL! The scary part was when nearing NUS, the traffic was so fierce and it wasn't even peak hour! PLUS ALL THE TAXI DRIVERS BULLY ME CAN?! :(  I feel like a plankton in the Pacific Ocean. LOL! *십년 단축 삶*

Not the end yet. I spent like 10mins to park my car. Not that I can't park, but I couldn't find a parking lot. Thought school holiday won't have much cars, in the end damn full everywhere. =.=

Highlight of the day: I SAW SEC THE MOMENT I STEPPED OUT OF MY CAR! lol lol lol! That was an awkward moment when our eyes met. Like we know each other but we aren't really friend, so you don't know how to react. Like should you smile? Pretend never see each other? haha! Whatever it is, my eyes are happy. :P

That's about it. Spent another 10mins plus to locate MD11 because the noobish year 3 Lirong doesn't know where it is. #failed. In the end I was late, like very. Oops. :X

But anyways, the Prof like super nice! I think I'm really very lucky to get him! :D He said his previous FYP students all have a minimum grade of A! I was like 'I CANNOT BE THE EXCEPTIONAL'! 16MC worth man! Haha! Anyways gave me some research journals (faint) to read and decide on the topic that I want to work on. :/

Anyways, journey home took less than 20mins! Haha! Because I shamelessly drove on lane 1! LOL! I think all the other drivers must be cursing at me. HAHAHA! I don't care, but I had fun speeding with them. :P People I'm not encouraging speeding ok! Haha! I'll still pronounce myself as a safe driver! I speed only when I'm alone. :PpP

Taken with instagram

Tried to do gradient nails but quite fail. :X 

Conclusion today: I dislike taxi drivers.

Today's my turn to bid again and I still couldn't decide GE2220 or LSM3224. :(  

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