Saturday, January 21, 2012

Eve of CNY eve: Reunion dinner number 1!

Tonight's dinner! 

Proudly prepared by yours sincerely. :)

Highlight #1: My favourites all in a box! :D Obviously couldn't finish, left 1/3 still. :/ 

Highlight #2: Beef slices

Highlight #3: Sliced pork collar

The amount of food I bought. Just for steamboat alone! 


Called my paternal and maternal grandparents after dinner. We cried while we were on the phone. They missed us I know and I missed them too. My heartaches to think that while I'm enjoying the company of so many people, they will be 'celebrating' this festive all by themselves and the one thing that old people fear is loneliness. D: 

I remember the last time I saw my paternal grandparents was 3 years ago and we hardly have 24hours together. It was a very rush trip. Sigh.. at least my paternal grandparents still have each other as company, while my poor ah ma who is living all alone in a big house without my ah gong by her side. Imagine not just the loneliness but also the scariness to live in a mansion all by yourself. She is 82 years old this year. :'( 

I'm planning to visit them this holiday.  I really miss them and they are really old now. Wish there aren't so much dramas in this SUN family. 
 :'( :'( :'( 

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