Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CNY Day 2

As usual the day starts with camwhoring! :P

Day 2 outfit!

Stupid face decides to be damn fat and swollen this morning! :(

Can slice off some fats from my face and cook them in steamboat! Grrrrr! 

So difficult to ask for a picture with my bro. 

Not much photo today cox I'm really pissed with my face! :(

Off with my killer heels which I think will be forever stacked in my shoe rack after today. LOL! 

Finally I'm driving today! Daddy and I drove our individual cars because we are heading different places today! 

First stop: Kovan 813! 

Visited 3rd uncle first who stays on the 4th floor and 4th uncle next, who stays on the 3rd floor! lol! They should switch the units! HAHA! But so cool to be staying so near! 

Finished the Lo Hei with Qiao! :D
Yum yum! :D

Xuan Xuan, En en and Jayan came next!:D

Drove Qiao, Xiong and my bro to our 2nd stop! Amk - Jayan's place! 

Steamboat lunch!! :D 

The over hyperactive kids!!!

Jayan still as cute as ever!


I disappeared for awhile because.. my father called me to drive him over to AMK. He and my uncles drank too much wasn't in a right state to drive. =.=

Thought it will be only him and my mum, in the end I had to drive one of my SUPER DRUNK uncle! Omg! He was like talking rubbish on my car. lol! Ok, at least he didn't disturb me or punk while I'm on the road. lol! 

Took a group photos with the cousins! :D

Then I became the driver again. =.= Drove the parents to Kovan 813 again. 

Dinner there at Qiao's place!

The soup broth was supreme!!! 

I got ntg better to do cox Qiao got dug away. :/

Drove home then, ya really tiring day for me to drive here and there. =.= 

Sigh.. CNY holidays has finally ended. SAD SAD SAD!!!! :'( 

Anyways my parents are thinking of buying an apartment at 813 too. They kinda like the idea of living near each other I guess. Of course I'm happy to stay nere Qiao! LOL! 

But I don't how they gonna come out with the money? hahaha! 

*Back to reality* :/ 

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  1. Hi dear! I enjoy reading your past posts but some of the photos have broken links! :( Do you know how you can fix these? Would love to see them ^_^

    Thank you!