Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CNY day 1!

I concludes that Chinese New Year for me is:

1. Darker panda rings like freak
2. Gaining weight like mad
3. Taking photos like crazy 

Day 1 outfit! 

Everyone was waiting for me to wake up to go out and bai nian! :X 

So only took minimal photos at home and headed out! :/

Only grabbed a bit for breakfast. :/ But it was 12pm anyways. Haha! 

Visited my Da Jiu's place. Rich man's house. 

Pretty cousin! 

Mummy of 2!

Aren't you familiar with this face now? Haha!

Camwhored and went out to find the 2 kids, Xuan xuan and En en!

Of course must take photos with them!:P En en here~

Then lunch time!:D

Got shark fin pls! But too bad I'm not a fan of it.

Abalone too! But my eyes were on the Ee-fu mee beside! haha!

Dumped 2 plates.

They find me weird for not liking shark fins nor abalones. :/

Lunching by the pool~

Energized to camwhore more! :PpP

This is Xuan xuan! So skinny!!! This boy is so active yet refuses to eat!

My cousin here has to be the vainest guy ever!!!

Mummy! <3

Parents! <3


and eat again~

OMG like 4 different types of pineapple tarts/balls! #lironggonecrazy

and sings again.

Don't ask me where I got the guts to sing infront of so many people!!!!
 PS: I don't sings btw! :/ 

Got tired of singing, so cards time!

Can't do without mahjong too! :)

Pink tiles! lol! #random

And we ate again. :/

Left around 5pm because..

Jayan to the visit! ^^

Seriously must touch everything he sees! haha!

We also figured that my bro is so likable by all the kids because my dad is one himself!!!

Thanks to him and my bro, we can all sit together and enjoy steamboat together! :)

and chit-chat + take photos! :D

My dad seem to enjoy himself too!

Kept asking him to go and eat while we take care of Jayan! But he was like 'nvm nvm I'm not hungry'. LOL!

My dad says he can't wait to be a grandpa.


I don't mind if my baby gonna be as cute as Jayan! Hehe!

*correction* ALL BABIES ARE CUTE! :P

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