Monday, January 23, 2012

CNY eve: Reunion dinner number 2!


Chinese New Year -  One of my favorite festival of the year!! :D

Because of pineapple tarts. :')

Ate this tub for breakfast.. 

and opened another box after lunch. :/

I think no second person love it as much as I do. #fatdieme

Final spring cleaning and arranged our goodies! :D

Before we knew it, it's time for lunch!:D Steamboat again! :/ and... 

Lo hei! 


Apparently only I like to eat lo hei. :/ 


My less than half an hour make-up! :D

Chinese New Year Eve outfit! 
PS: My iphone has a new outfit for new year too! hahaha!

Since I'm on a make-up, of course must make use of it to camwhore! :P

Family outing~

Daddy driving my car for the first time! HAHA!:D

I insist that he drives,

So that I can camwhore on my car!:P

Guess where are we heading too? :)


I asked my parents when was the last time they came to Sentosa. 

10+ years ago was their answer. :O

They have been too busy working to enjoy. XIN KU LE! <3

You can infer that the sun was deadly. :/ 

But we had much fun yo~

So cute right?! 


You don't see the brother not because I'm so bad to let him be the photographer only! But he hates taking photo. :/ 

Love my mum! <3 Daddy too! :D

Headed back home to prepare our reunion dinner number 2!

Can you guess what we had from the ingredients? :D

1. White cabbages
2. Broccoli
3. Mushrooms
4. Sea cucumbers
5. Tiger prawns
6. Scallops
7. Abalone
8. Fish maws
9. Yams
10. Roast pork belly
11. Pig's tendons

Chef of the day~ 

I helped with the preparations too! While the 2 guys shake legs and watch TV in the living room. =.=


Shiokness to the max! Ate like a boss! HAHA! 

We couldn't finish so we had to play 终极密码 to finish the food! LOL!

 Daddy was the 'lucky' one. :P 

Really damn nice! I'm requesting mummy to make this every year for our reunion dinner! *slurps* 

Xin ku ni le mummy! <3 <3 <3 

Mummy and I did manicure after dinner! 

Playful dad offers to help mummy and.. did a mess on her nails. 


How we gonna waste the night away~ ^^ (Taken with instagram)

Mahjong next! ^^

Daddy's really lucky tonight! He won the most! Me second! Heh heh! :D

They are now at 四马路, so I have time to do a little surprise for them. :)

I gave them each an ang bao too! hehe! :D

My Chinese damn cui now. Had to Google translate the words. D:

Awwwwwww~ <3 

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