Sunday, February 12, 2012

Crazily in love

Okay.. So I have something to confess. 

I have been madly in love with this thing call..

WHAT?! Don't judge me please! HAHAHA!

Thanks to Human Pharmacology for getting me interested in this area. :P

Was merely trying to figure out on basal ganglia (small small part of the brain), then the more I read up, the more I'm impressed with our tiny yet so mighty brain!!! 

I mean like the brain is such a small organ. YET IT IS SO POWERFUL AND MYSTERY. 

Yes, I'm totally attracted by the beauty of the brain! At the same time I'm quite glad I don't have a module that really deal with the brain anatomy. I WILL DIE. Too complicated, way worse that our immune system. 

Talk about contradiction. LOL!

Really wish that human being can finally one day fully understands the mechanism of the brain! But I doubt I'll be alive to witness it. :/ 

I'm a nerd and I like it. 

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