Sunday, February 12, 2012

Family outing

My family had a very early dinner today, so we have much time on hand and have nothing to do (I refuse to study). So daddy suggested for a drove and we did! :D Daddy and brother on one car while mummy took mine! :)

We drove all the way to somewhere near Punggol jetty. Boy! The place was MAGNIFICENT! Too bad I didn't bring my phone out, otherwise I would have taken photos of the place. 

How pretty was it?

It was dark, yet I could clearly see all the large pieces of white clouds. 

Away from the tall buildings and city light, stars could be clearly seen! I even tried figuring out which is which, but I think I failed terribly! LOL! 

Sea breeze, pretty sky, good company, what more can I ask for? :) 

Then daddy came out with this crazy idea! Since brother has started learning to drive, he suggested teaching my brother how to drive! OMG right? Since we are near to daddy's workplace too, we went over to the construction site where my brother could have ample space to toy around. No worries, brother barely drove passed the 20km/hr mark. LOL! Mummy and I were brave enough to take his ride too! Should say the whole family was there! 要死一起死. LOL! Definitely much fun to witness my brother's learning process! :P 

Finally on the way home, daddy and I started racing each other. LOL LOL! I was at the winning end! Then daddy played cheat. =.= Damn awesome experience though. :P I remember the first time riding with my dad, I was freaking out when I was driving barely over 60km/hr! Now I easily drive pass 80km/hr and still think it's very slow. :/ 

It was really one crazy night out with my family and I love it! But let's not do this too often. LOL! 

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