Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Suck that I'm crying again.. now. Don't understand why do I breakdown so easily. :'(

Sometimes I wish my mum didn't gave birth to me as the eldest. I really envy girls who have an older brother. Yes, you'll get bullied by them for sure, but at least you'll know there's someone whom you can look for when you need help. UNLIKE MY USELESS YOUNGER BROTHER. 


Why can't you just help a little? Why can't you see that I'm struggling with so many things and I just need your help in this issue and you are like I owe you a million?! 

I have to do my flooding assignments,
I have to study for tests,
 I have to settle all your meals, 
I have to do the groceries,
I have to sweep the floor,
I have to wash all the dishes,
I have to fold all the clothes,
I have to settle all the calls from the telecomms

But I just have 24hours and there is only me and only me, while you are having your holidays and gaming whole day long. 

Can't you help to lessen my burden a bit? 

Can't blame that I just hate boys these days. :( 



I still choose to suck everything up and climb all the way up to cry in my whole hole. 

I cried not because I'm like a maid at home, in fact I've been doing them since forever and have no complains on that because I'm doing for the people that I love. 

I cried because you 'black-ed face' and raised your voice at me when I just seek a little help from you because I'm really struggling. I cried because you took me for granted. I cried because you are almost 21 and yet still so immature. 


I still love this stupid brother of mine despite his sucky attitude. :'( 

Dear NS,  
please make my brother a man. 
Sincerely, me.

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