Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hotpot Culture @ Marina Square

#ootd  (Taken with instagram)


Woke up early in the morning for tuition. 

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My tutee saw me today and went 'teacher so Korean style today!' 

#breakfast with the family! :D (Taken with instagram)

Had breakfast with the family at mummy's canteen before driving down for tuition. :) 

Love #glittery #nails :D  (Taken with instagram)

Finally did my nails today! I'm usually too lazy. :X 

Rest a bit before driving mum and bro tKwan Yin Temple, mummy wanna pray for the brother since he is enlisting soon. 

I was a joke then. So we saw Fatimah nearby, definitely have to use parking coupons! Haha! But the thing is I thought today was 2nd June instead of 3rd. 
Luckily auntie Fatimah didn't realise! hahahaha! 

Shopped a little at Bugis before heading home to wait for Daddy to log off. We were heading out for dinner at Hotpot Culture because brother has been craving for the longest time!

Hotpot culture is one of the best valued buffet in town I would say. The buffet includes steamboat, unlimited serving of 50+ tze char dishes and most importantly it comes with free flow chocolate fondue~ All at the price of $25.80+ (weekend dinner price) Awesome or what? 

The 2 guys.  (Taken with instagram)

Brother ordering his favorites ~ 

Their tze char dishes are the reason why we love the place. :D Below are some of our top picks. 

Awesome prawn paste #chicken! :D #food  (Taken with instagram)

Prawn paste chicken 

#sweet & #sour fish! #food  (Taken with instagram)

Sweet & sour fish

#sweet & #sour pork! #food  (Taken with instagram)

Sweet & sour pork

Gong bao chicken #food  (Taken with instagram)

Crispy chicken 

My Favourite! Tauhu Telor! #food  (Taken with instagram)

My favourite tahu telor~

#food  (Taken with instagram)

#food  (Taken with instagram)

#food  (Taken with instagram)

Best value buffet in town! ^^

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Chocolate fondue and ice cream~ 

Yum yum!  (Taken with instagram)

Mummy enjoying her ice cream. :D

Mum and I! <3  (Taken with instagram)


My daddy damn funny! He was so paiseh that our table kept ordering food, so he tried to stop us from eating so much. LOL! He kept saying the waiters must be laughing at us. 

Anyways, my GPS died while I was driving towards Marina Square. No idea why. :'( Luckily daddy was beside me to give direction because I'm really really really super dependent on my GPS. :( 

GPS why you no love me anymore??!!! :'( :'( :'( 


  1. 사진보니깐 어머님 닮으셨네요
    (you look like your mother!!)

    어머님 미인 이시네요!!(your mother 美人)

  2. Hello! Haha! Thank you!:) You know Chinese too? Are you from a Korean? :)

    1. hi~ there! 안녕하세요

      I'm Korean(South Korea) 전 한국인 이구요(남한)
      i am a man ^^; 전 남자랍니다 ^^;

      anyway I can speak ABC English ^.^
      아무튼 영어는 ABC 정도는 할수있어요 ^.^

      and I can't speak Chinese very well 그리고 중국어는 잘 못해요

      but I know Chinese words(漢字單語) a little ^^;;
      하지만 한자단어(漢字單語)는 조금 알아요 ^^;;

      Please understand me if I can't speak
      & even if you can't understand me clearly
      내가 말을 잘 못하더라도 말을 잘 못알아 듣더라도 이해해 주세요!

  3. 안녕~
    Yes I understand you! Nice to know you! :)