Friday, July 6, 2012

Hello Miss Sun

'Good Morning Miss Sun' has been the best and most heartwarming greeting for me these days. 

Anyways, 2nd week of attachment is over. Can't believe time actually passed so quick! Kinda sad about it because I don't really want this to end. 

So for the 2nd week of attachment, we finally had my hands on lessons with the classes. 1st week I sit in to learn how the teachers conduct their lessons and it's now my turn to conduct. Alright, have to admit I was kinda nervous and don't know what to expect. Hello, I have not gone through NIE and tutoring is so different from teaching a whole class of 40 pupils! 

Stacks of paper for the student = more markings for me too. :/  (Taken with Instagram)

I taught 4A, 4B, 4C number sequence and 4G decimals. 

4A was my first class and also the best class of the level so I didn't have much of a problem handling them.THEY WERE SO OBEDIENT AND QUIET! How come I don't remember being so 'guai' in my primary school days? Anyhow, I thought I would so nervous! But things just went smoothly as I move on with the lesson. I didn't feel any nervousness, awkwardness or whatever. It feels so normal and comfortable to be standing in front of the class.  

Next was 4B, they are slightly more rowdy then 4A. I have to raise my voice a few times to really get them to settle down. Nonetheless, I love teaching them too. :) I have a back to back lesson after-which with 4C, which almost killed my voice. 
So 4C was ever rowdier and I have a hyper-active kid in the class who can't sit down for long. But if you were to ask me which class do I prefer out of the 3, I would say 4C and 4B rather than 4A. Hahaha! 4A is tooo obedient~ Some noise is better. 

Anyways, I also went to 4G, these are students with slightly slower learning abilities. So this was really the class that I'm quite stress with. :/ But luckily I did manage the class. :) 

Motivations :)  (Taken with Instagram)

It is really a good motivation to receive many positive feedback from both the students and the teachers. :)
Anyways, I don't have any special way of teaching. I guess it's the use of new media in my lesson (I showed them YouTube videos to complement my teaching) and I always have sweets in my bag! :P
The students even asked if I will be going back to teach them. :D Feeling a tiny little sense of achievement now! ^^

I'm really having 'the call for teaching' now. 

Oatmeal in milk and my chocolate cream roll! #breakfast  (Taken with Instagram)Licking off the cream! :D  (Taken with Instagram)

Breakfast has become the most important meal of the day! 
No energy how to teach early in the morning?!

Either breakfast is too early or teaching burns too much calories, I'm always snacking between 9-10pm.

Oreo with hot cereal in the staff room. :) #breakfast  (Taken with Instagram)


It was a wrong decision to have Oreo as snack, because the mouth would be so BLACK afterwhich! I think it's me only. My colleague doesn't have the problem.

Snacks corner! :D #fatdieme  (Taken with Instagram)

So my new snack buddies.

Lunch is always at the school canteen. 

Prawn noodles from the sch canteen. So #oldschool !  (Taken with Instagram)

Prawn mee, $1. 
Not even 20% after eating. LOL!

My pool of chilli. Not enough though. :/  (Taken with Instagram)

Chye Peng from the Malay stall, $2
The food was good and the chilli is awe!
Anyways the vendor was so amazed by the amount of chilli I took! She was like 'I always thought Chinese can't eat chilli.'

the last time I ate mee soto was in my sec sch days! :O #lunch  (Taken with Instagram)

Mee Soto, $1.50
Can't you believe my last bowl of mee soto was at least 6 years back. 

#horfun #lunch #food #sgfood #asian #chinese #singapore #instafood #instasg (Taken with Instagram)

Hor Fun from the Malay stall, $1.50

I have been frequenting the Malay stall because the food is really not bad. Anyhows, today is actually the school's healthy food day. So the canteen is supposed to sell healthy food of course. Guess what? I saw pizza, potato chips, muah chee, fried food and what not in the canteen! By the way these food usually don't appear in the canteen unless it's the 'healthy food day'. I was literally like '0.o' when I saw pizza? potato chips? healthy? Did the school get the meaning right?

Anyways, the portion size of canteen food is really so small that by 2pm the hands start to look for food again.

The good thing about begin a teacher is that, we start our day early but also log off early too!
I usually go home around 4pm, so I still have reasonable time to prepare dinner~

Can’t ask for more after a long tired day. #food  (Taken with Instagram)

Fried kway teow

Shiok or what? But #fatdieme 😁 #dinner  (Taken with Instagram)

Braised pork belly

I can just eat this everyday. :D but #fatdieme #dinner  (Taken with Instagram)

My favorites in a bowl

#homemade #cheese #fried #eggs #food (Taken with Instagram)

Fried eggs with cheese

It's no wonder that I weighing 42kg now. 

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