Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mood: Depression

The title says all, I'm quite depressed now. :( 

As mentioned sometime back I'm back on TCM again, but this time round the medicine caused some side effects on me, water retention. Yes, I gained like 5kg overnight. How scary is that right? That was last Sunday, it was really damn scary that morning when I woke up feeling real uncomfortable and when I looked into the mirror I kinda have a shock of my life. :/ Oh wells, I have pretty much dropped much of the water retention but not entirely back to my original weight yet and at times the retention comes back again. Like today. :( So I really have to watch my diet these days. I'm really trying to eat as plain as possible, salt is a no no for me now. Which means it's best I have home-cooked food for my meals. So I'm sorry dear friends if I have to cancel you on meals, wait till I recover alright? :)

Because ice cream goes with anything. :D  (Taken with Instagram)

I got pissed off and got rebellious by polishing off half the tub of ice cream.
Le sigh.. what a stupid impulsive thing to do because I'll still be the one suffering at the end.

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