Monday, September 17, 2012

Family feast

Weekly Sunday gathering at Serenity Villa with the relatives. :)

I think the entire Sun family is quite lucky to have the 'skinny' genes. Seriously our girls eat so much more that the guys, but we are all small build! Girls wanna hop on and join the clan? Haha!

I get do excited when it starts to boil!:D  (Taken with Instagram)

Life is sit back, relax, eat and chit-chat. 

Jayan little one is drinking beer!!! Just joking, he was licking the can actually. 

Awww~ don't you just want to pinch that chubby cheeks? 

Xuan fed Jayan a little bit of his chocolate. 

and that was it!

Jayan can't stop wanting more!

'Kor Kor I want more'


I'm too obsess with little kiddos these days. Haha! 

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